Explore the Sixty Dome Mosque in Bangladesh

Explore the Sixty Dome Mosque in Bangladesh

Popularly called the “Shat Gombuj Masjid” by the locals, the Sixty Dome Mosque in Bangladesh is one of the popular historical attractions. If you are a history buff or a shutterbug who loves to click scenic and architecture oriented frames whilst a vacation, then this is one of the best sites to explore. The site is a property under UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the biggest that the country has dating back to the times of the Sultanate era. This mosque is known to be a “stunning Muslim monument” in our entire Indian subcontinent.

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Where is the Sixty Dome Mosque located?

The mosque is situated in the Bagerhat district that falls on South Bangladesh and is termed as the Khulna Division. This place is also at a distance of 3 miles from the Bagerhat town, which itself is located at a distance of 200 miles away from Dhaka, capital city of the country. You can rent a car to visit this site.

Brief history of the Sixty Dome Mosque

Back during the middle of 15th century, there was a Muslim colony that was discovered in Sundarbans, the mangrove forest close to Bagerhat District coast by Khan Jahan Ali, a saint-General. This saint used to preach during the times of Sultan Nasiruddin Mahmud Shah, at a place that was then called ‘Khalifalabad’. Khan Jahan got the city embellished with over dozen mosques, the remnants of which can be found close to the biggest multi-city domes mosques in this country. This particular mosque was created for prayers and also has a popular assembly Hall that you can check out on your visit.

Explore the Sixty Columns or Sixty Domes

Known as the ‘Shat Gombuj Masjid’, this mosque comprises of as many as 77 domes across the main hall and there are about 60 stone pillars. It is also a possibility that this mosque was initially called the Sixty Pillared Mosque, where the columns also known as “Amud” in Persian and African, later came to be known as domes or Gombuj as called in local Bangla dialect.

Explore the architectural style

As you get set to explore the ‘Sixty Dome’ Mosque you will come to notice the unusually tapered and thick brick walls that have been constructed in the typical Tughlaq style. There is also a hut patterned roofline that has been anticipating earlier styles. The mosque has a length of 160 feet and a width of 108 feet as well. You will also come across as many as 77 domes that are very well arranged in 7 rows of 11. There is one dome that is located on every corner, which makes a total of 81 domes. Furthermore, there are also 4 towers and of which 2 towers is utilized for the azaan. In addition to that, this interior is also categorized into several bays and aisles by slim columns that give rise to many arches which in a way support the roof.

You will also get to see the prayer hall with 11 arched doorways towards the east and 7 on either side of the south and north meant for ventilation and light, which gives it a sombre look. Furthermore, it has been divided into 11 deep bays and 7 longitudinal aisles, through a cluster of 60 slim stone columns, from where there are many arch rows which supports the dome. The tapering walls are as thick as 6 feet, round and hollow with detached corner towers, which resemble the fortress bastions that are further capped by the round cupolas. This site is reminiscent of the traditional Muslim architectural wonder of the 15th century.

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Chittagong – Of Beach, Food and Relaxation!

Chittagong – Of Beach, Food and Relaxation!

If truth be told, Chittagong attracts a meteor chunk of visitors, tourists and travelers across the globe in Bangladesh! There are several ancient sites to explore and ways to get into active exploration. However, let’s say you have a different plan of relaxing, enjoying the beach and food. You can still keep the plan on. As Chittagong welcomes travelers of all kinds! And if you happen to be a budget traveler, don’t feel shy to check out the cheap flights to Chittagong available at godhakatravel.com and save more.

Situated on the banks of Karnaphuli River, this region comfortably resides between the Bay of Bengal and the Chittagong Hill Tracts. You will find the seaside sunrises, sunsets along with the scenic beauty of the lavish green hills. Needless, to say that the city has its natural elements right in place to have you totally enamored. In addition to that, it is also termed as one of the “cultural capitals” of Bangladesh with institutions like Theatre Institute of Chittagong, Chittagong Performing Arts Academy and many others located here. There’s always a host of activities that you can indulge in here.

However, if its relaxation, complete indolence, waves, sunset and sunrise views and golden sand that you choose- head straight to the Patenga Beach.

  • The Patenga Beach:

Situated at the source of Karnaphuli River, at a distance of almost 15 km south of the main city, the popular Patenga Beach is one of the most visited tourist sites here. One of the major attractions of this beach is its closeness to the Bangladesh Naval Academy where you will have the chance to have a glimpse of the Bangladesh Navy ships closely.

The Patenga Beach isn’t just a typical beach in the city. It more than endless stretches of fine sand where you can walk the way you like. Simply put, the majority of the shoreline has been established having stones and brick pillars that act as a guard against the erosion. Despite this, this beach still happens to be a top tourist site for the ones who want to experience the serene sea, soak in the misty air and also savor some of the local foods prepared by the seaside food stall vendors. If you are aiming for it, then the most popular platter to try here is the spice, fried, mud crab that is served with a small plate of falafel and it’s garnished with onion and cucumber. On the other hand, if you are looking forward to some serene time all by yourself, you can place yourself beside the shade provided by the palm trees that fringe the sea beach. The Patenga Beach is also a place where you get to view diverse bird species. And the chirping of the birds will add to your solo time.

And once you are done with the relaxation time at the beach, chances are you would want to pamper your taste buds. Head straight to the Handi’s Restaurant for a real treat in this city!

  • The Handi’s Restaurant:

A visit to this city isn’t complete if you haven’t relished the scrumptious platters served in its popular restaurants. The Handi’s Restaurant is one place not to miss out. Known for its specialties in Asian, Indian as mouth-watering Bangladeshi cuisine, this place is open from 11 in the morning to 11 in evening, all 7 days a week. The locals visit this place to taste its tasty Indian cuisine. A popular platter to try is the Hyderabadi biriyani that is popular both with the locals as well as tourists. The menu is an elaborate one where you can choose from both vegetarian as well as meat-based platters within your budget. The ideal way to experience a platter here is to make your reservation, prior to arriving else you might have to wait. And in case you want dosas, do it prior to 8:30 pm, else you have to miss it.

Replete with the scenic and serene beach and its popular restaurants, Chittagong allows you all the time to relax from the city chaos and enjoy both the sea and the city’s food. So get started by booking your cheap flights to Chittagong from godhakatravel.com and say yes to a memorable stay here.

Top 5 Sylhet Attractions to Explore

Top 5 Sylhet Attractions to Explore

Residing amidst the Khasi and Jaintia hill range right across the north and the Tripura Mountains in the south, you will come across Greater Sylhet that is a valley which is washed by rivers flowing from the mountain ranges and have also been the popular for its varied landscapes and unique cultural features, right from ancient times. Other than being the place of birth for Lord Sri Chaitanya, one of the popular Hindu avatars, the land of Sylhet is also identified as one of the important key areas for preaching Islam in the Indian subcontinent. This was mainly because of the efforts made by Hazrat Shah Jalal along with his 360 reverent companions. Regardless of having a Bengali majority, Sylhet’s culture boasts of indigenous communities such as the Hajong, Tripuras, Monipuris, Khasis and the Garos.

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Out of the many, the top 5 tourist sites to explore include the following:

1. Lovachora:

This is the bordering region right from the Kanaighat Upazila in East Sylhet district that is secured right from the north east towards the north-wear by Meghalaya ranges. This can be best described as a quarry where boulders and stones get mined along with an ancient tea garden.  To be there at Lovachora you need to undertake a boat journey right from Kaniaghat Sodor. When the boat goes east, you can experience the intersection of three rivers. Flowing right from south and north, there are the Borak and Lova that meets at a point, take the name Surma and then flows to the Sylhet city to the west.

2. Lalakhal:

Yet another tourist site to be missed at Jaintapur Upazila, the Lalakhal consists of natural forests, hills, rivers flowing under the Jaintia Hills comprising of certain sections of the Indian Meghalaya Ranges and the tea gardens. Flowing right from the Indian section, there is the river Myntdu that makes its entry in Lalakhal as Sari and then merges with the Guaiyan River after it passes the Sarighat. At a stretch of close to 12km right from Lalakhal to Sarighat, you will find the shade of the water to be transparent green in winter owing to the minerals that float to the water in the sandy river bed.

3. Ratargul:

Best described as the only freshwater swamp forest, Ratargul despite its existing across a wide area of the swampland, till date takes up an area of about 2 km! This is one dense forest that includes native and koroch and the hijol trees. It is also the home ground for multiple species of monkeys, birds, reptiles, and snakes.

4. Panthumai:

A village located at the West Jaflong Union under the Guainghat Upazila, Panthumai is yet another popular tourist site and is located very close to the eastern Khasia Hill of the Meghalaya ranges, which boasts of the popular Borhill Fall. The original fall is situated in the Indian region; however, tourists are able to have a glimpse of this massive fall.  Flowing from this fall there is a Piyain River branch that flows to the west and then goes over to Bisnakandi, which too is a tourist site to explore.

5. Jaflong:

A popular tourist, Jaflong flows from North Khasi hills and the river Dauki enters Bangladesh under the name of “Piyain”, alongside the bank of which is located this scenic attraction. Located at a distance of 62 km on north-east of Sylhet, Jaflong is in the East Jaflong Union that comes under Guainghat Upazila. The travelers are able to hire the boats that go to Zero Point and have a look at the scenic hanging bridge atop Dauki. Across the river, on the west, you will also come across the Sangrampunji and Nakshiapunji villages that can be accessed from rented boats or ferries. There is also the Jaflong Tea Garden close to Nakshiapunji which is a popular tourist site.

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Discovering Dhaka – Top 5 Places to Visit

Discovering Dhaka – Top 5 Places to Visit

If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, Dhaka might interest you! The capital city of Bangladesh, this city has everything to incite the traveler in you from rich cultural traditions to its interesting history. Also, the city has retained its Nawabi element through its ancient mosques and other sites that reflect a Moghul element. Dhaka today is a mega city that comprises of at least 10 million people and has a territorial expanse of 1353 square kilometers. In addition to that, the rapid pace with which this city developing it’s fast becoming a center of the nation’s commercial, political, industrial, educational, commercial as well as cultural centre. And traveling to this city can well happen within your budget as well. Of the many online platforms that can provide you cheap flights to Dhaka, Godhakatravel.com is one of the best names to count on for pocket-friendly deals and offers.

Situated at one of the prominent jute and rice growing areas, Dhaka comprises of industries like cotton, jute, muslin as well as textile industries. You will also find a mix of other consumer goods being manufactured here. And if you want to witness the Muslim impact then you can check-out the 700 mosques present in the city. Along with that, there are major sites to explore such as the University of Dhaka dating back to 1921 and others that will tweak your interest.

If you are here for a weekend or a short tour, don’t miss out on the following 5 tourist sites of interest.

  • Visit the Ahsan Manzil

Established back in 1872 and residing on the banks of Buriganga river, this noble site invokes a rather Nawabi feel. Also called the Pink Palace, this building today comprises of a magnificent museum. It was the abode of Nawabs with the prominent Nawab Abdul Gani renovating this building back in 1872 and also naming it after Khaza Ahasanullah, his son. In the recent times, you will be able to explore this palace as a museum as that’s what it has been converted to. The site is a shimmering example of the city’s rich cultural ethos and heritage. Don’t miss out on this one!

  • Be there at the Lalbagh Fort

Established back in 1678 AD by Prince Mohammad Azam, the then Viceroy of Bengal, who was a son of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb this fort comprises of a three-storied set up along with slim minarets towards the South Gate. This place also has many concealed passages as well as massive mosques. Some of the brilliant sites here are the Tomb of Pari Bibi as well as the Hummam Khana of Nawab Shaista Khan that houses a museum today and the Audience room as well. This fort has witnessed a rough battle during 1857 when 260 spays got located here and were also supported by the people that stood against the British forces. This site is reminiscent of the Mughal Era. You will find a tiny museum inside this fort where Mughal weapons and clothes are exhibited.

  • Visit the Bangabandhu Memorial Museum

This is the house of father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and is located at Dhanmondi. Presently, this place has been turned into a museum and it showcases some of the rare pieces of photographs and other personal artifacts from his lifetime. If you have a history buff inside you, this museum is a must visit for you.

  • Explore the Mukti juddha museum

Locate at Segun Bagicha, this museum is dedicated to the liberation war that took place in the city and comprises some of the very rare photographs of this war and also the weapons and other similar items that the freedom fighters used. Open between 9 am to 6 pm, from Monday until Saturday, this museum will have a world of interesting and rare elements to explore.

  • Head to the National Poet’s Graveyard

It was on August 29th, 1976 that Kazi Nazrul Islam, a revolutionary poet died and this place is where he was buried. Located adjacent to the Dhaka University Mosque, this graveyard is a great place of interest and history to explore.

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Discovering Bangladesh, Its Music and Few Tourist Sites

Discovering Bangladesh, Its Music and Few Tourist Sites

Simple in rich and boasting of a rich cultural past, Bangladesh should be listed in your “places to explore” if you have a globetrotters pulse. The best part about Bangladesh is that it will grow onto you gradually and you will find discovering this land is getting exciting with every new site explored. In addition to that, today visiting this country has become very easy in terms of the budget. All you need to do is search for the cheap flights to Dhaka Bangladesh and you will be able to locate reasonable flights online. Godhakatravel.com is one of the best websites that you can refer today.

Exploring the country

Simply put, Bangladesh means the “Country of Bengal”! Regardless, of whether you are visiting this place for the first time or repeating your tour, you will have plenty to explore here, right from the stunning ancient places to the diverse culture, lively people, and the natural bounty.

As you keep exploring this country or chart out a plan to some of the popular structures that you will come to explore includes places like the Ethnological Museum, Shahi Jama-e-Masjid as well as the most popular Qadam Mubarak Mosque. One of the most popular tourist sites is the Mainimati Runs, that is said to be the core of Buddhist ethos in Bangladesh and it’s a must visit providing you with a unique traveler’s experience. If you’ve been taking interest in Buddhism then visiting this site would add an extra dimension to your knowledge and it is also a good place where you can spend some quality time.

In addition to this, another must visit tourist attraction in this country is the Chittagong Hill Tracts, that welcomes every adventure lover with its steep jungle hills. This area comprises of the Ravens, fascinating hills along with dense forests, shrubs, creepers, and bamboos. In addition to that, this place also has got four important valleys that have been set up by the Matamuhur, Shangu, Feni and the Karnapuli Rivers.

Two other sites to explore here is the Puthia and the Rangamati. The former comprises of some of the ethnic Hindu structures and the most prominent one being the Govinda Temple that got created back between the years of 1823 and 1895 by a prince who belonged to the Puthia estate. Here you will be encompassed by excellent terracotta creations that demonstrate several scenes from the ancient Hindu epics. There is also a well embellished Shiva Temple here. On the other hand, Rangamati is popular for the Chakma tribe. This lake is encompassed by the semi-evergreen woods as well as the tropical forests, that are located on the lakeshore which makes it’s a must visit tourist site.

Bangladesh and its music

If you are willing to explore the music essence of this country, you will find folk music to have occupied a center seat. This music includes a vast tradition of the secular as well as the devotional songs over a vast span of time. The lyrics are in Bangla language and are woven into tune in multiple styles. Needless to say that the country also has many musical concerts that showcase musical performances of multiple kinds!

And amidst the various kinds of traditions of folk music in this country you will come across the traditions of Abbas Uddin, Lalon Fakir, Kari Amir Uddin Ahmed, Radharaman Dutta, Ramesh Shil, Khursheed Nurali as well as Hason Raja. Bangladeshi folk music is characterized by very simple words, melodious music depicting multiple nuances of daily life. And much before the introduction of radio and the entertainment it got, a huge section of the rural region depended on the performances that the folk singers did on functions or on pronto. And with the advent of new technologies as well as digital media, today this folk music and tunes have been modernized and are performed by eminent artists on musical concerts that are held here.

A few of the popular music forms on which concerts are held comprise of Baul, Bhatiali, Bhandari, Ghazal, Dhamali, Gombhira and much more. You can always inquire about the same and attend the concerts. However, to start with you would simply need to book your cheap flights to Dhaka Bangladesh from Godhakatravel.com and save big on your trip.