Best 5 Dhaka Tourist Sites Not to Miss!

Best 5 Dhaka Tourist Sites Not to Miss!

Known as the capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka is also the largest in the country. Walk into the city and you will come across its vast cultural traditions along with a rich historical past. Here there are some of the most popular mosques in the world that you can visit during your stay and also photograph. The city pulls in travelers and tourists from all across the world on an annual basis and its 10 million people in the city will welcome you all with a smile.  In the recent times, Dhaka is also becoming a center of the political, commercial, industrial, educational as well as cultural activities.

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5 top tourist sites to explore:
  • The Ahsan Manjil

Established way back in 1872 this site stands on river Buriganga and happens to be a lavish building that provides the visitors with a sense of how the Nawabs of Dhaka has been. This site is also called the Pink Palace and today the building also has a fascinating museum. Known to be the ancient house for Nawab Abdul Gani this building has undergone renovations and has also been named after Khaza Ahasanullah, son of the Nawab. This site is a refined epitome of the city’s vibrant cultural heritage and it comprises of as many as 31 rooms along with its vast dome that you can have a glimpse of from miles away. There are also 23 galleries that showcase some of the best household furniture and other belongings that were used by the Nawab. The site remains closed on Thursdays.

  • The Central Shahid Minar

This site can be called to be an icon for Bengal nationalism. This monument was created in order to pay a tribute to the martyrs of the ancient Language movement that took place in 1952. There are many people who visit this site with bouquets and floral wreaths on 21st February to pay respect to the martyrs.

  • The Lalbagh Fort

This is the fort of Aurangabad which is popularly called the Lalbagh Fort and was established back in 1678 AD by the then Viceroy of Bengal Prince Mohammad Azam, who was the son of Mughal Emperor Aurangazeb. As you explore this fort you will find it to have a three-storied structure and has some of the hidden passes along with a massive mosque structure. Here the most stunning structure is the Tomb of Pari Bibi, Hummam Khana, and the Audience Room. Going back to history this fort, happened to be the place where battles got fought for the very first war of Independence back in 1857. This site is also reminiscent of the essence and beauty of the Mughal era. Inside the fort, you will also find a small museum that carries the weapons and clothing of the Mughals of the bygone era. Located in the old Dhaka town in Lalbagh, this fort is visited equally by the locals and tourists and remains closed on Saturdays.

  • The Bangabandhu Memorial Museum

This is said to be the residence of the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the father of the nation and is located at Dhanmondi. In the recent times, this site has been transformed into a museum. This site also includes a collection of personal artifacts along with some of the precious photographs that belong to his lifetime. If you love to explore, this is going to be a fabulous place to visit.

  • The Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Novo Theatre

The much talked about Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Novo Theatre is a stunning architectural piece. This is situated on Bijoy Sarani, Tejgaon which is central to Dhaka City and occupies a land of 5.46 acres. Apart from the planetarium show, this place also provides a 3D film show, Ride Simulator, and several scientific exhibits as well as the Novo Theatre.

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Best Sylhet Tourist Attractions at a Glance

Best Sylhet Tourist Attractions at a Glance

For the ones that have already explored, will ascertain that Bangladesh has its own tourist appeal! One of the best cities to explore in this country is Sylhet. Situated in the lavish Surma Valley, here you will come across the popular Sylhet Tea Gardens. However, that’s not all that is there to this city. If you are a nature lover, then this city would do complete justice for your affinity to nature spots and greenery around.

On one hand, as you have the rolling landscapes, the terraced tea gardens and the varied flora and fauna that set a backdrop of the scenic scenery, for the vast, thick tropical rainforests and on the other hand there is the city, amenities, and comforts that you can enjoy. In addition to that, in this city, you will also come across a wide number of natural lakes, rivers as well as the water bodies that offer a habitat for several migratory birds. This city will always be a land that will enable you to make some of the best memories.

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Here are some of the best sites that you can explore in Sylhet!

  • Jaflong: This place happens to be one scenic place that is covered by the hills and the tea gardens and is situated at a distance of 60kms from the city of Sylhet. You can reach this place easily by taking a local bus and alternatively, also opt-in for a private car.  This place happens to be a border region between Bangladesh and Meghalaya, the Indian state. In terms of the height, it is much below the mountain range. There are several tourist attractions here that comprise of names such as the Mountain Streams, Rolling Stones, Tea Gardens, Khasia King’s Palace, Orange Groves, Betel Leaf & Areca But Gardens as well as the local market.
  • Jaintapur: Popular for its huge archaeological remnants and is only located at a distance of 5hm from Jaflong. This is a scenic place amidst the tea gardens. Back in history, this place was a capital city of the Jainta Kingdom back in the 18th century. This palace amidst the ruins is close to the local market that is visited by a huge number of tourists here.
  • Sripur: This is one of the best places for having a glimpse of the Gushing Sylhet Waterfalls located on the high hills. Amidst the other parts of this place, you will also come across a huge stone quarry where you can have a look at the waterfalls right across the border. This is located at a distance of 7 to 8 km from Jaflong.
  • The temple of Sri Chaittanyana Dev: This temple dates back 500 years back and is situated at a distance of 45 km from the southeast of the city. There is an annual fair that happens during the month of Falgun in Bangla on the full moon day.
  • Tilagarh EcoPark: Situated at a distance of 6kms from the city, this is one semi-evergreen and tropical evergreen bio-geographic zone that you can explore with your near and dear ones with all the time at hand.
  • Tamabil: This can be best defined as a border that crosses between Bangladesh and India, situated at a distance of 55kms on the north of Sylhet. This region at times tends to messy however this is considered as one of the prominent tourist sites in Sylhet.
  • Tribal Village: Atop the hillside in Sylhet, you will come across many of the aboriginal tribes that till conduct the ancient customs, rituals and observe age-old traditions. With having the required permission you can visit this village, especially during the festival time period. Here you will come across the popular Manipuri Tribe which is popular for its traditional wears, dancing, singing as well as the Khasia Tribe popular for the betel leaves cultivation process that they highlight.

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Five Top Tourist Sites to Explore in Sylhet

Five Top Tourist Sites to Explore in Sylhet

Diverse and scenic, Sylhet has its traveler’s base and that is increasing with every passing day! This city in Bangladesh has something for everyone to explore and like. Known as the affluent city in Bangladesh, this city welcomes you with its serene sceneries and several natural wonders in terms of waterfalls and other sites as well. So if you always wanted to be here and explore the city, here are the best five tourist sites that you must add in your “places to visit in Sylhet” list and explore the same without fail.

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So now back to the sightseeing! Here are the best five sites that you can explore in this city.



Hum Hum Waterfall:

If you are a nature lover, you shouldn’t miss out on this! Rather it’s a good idea to start your exploration from this site itself. The waterfall has a height of 160 feet and also happens to be the tallest waterfall in the entire country. Discovered back in 2010 this waterfall is situated within the Razkandi Reserve Forest and you will need to trek for about 3 to 4 hours through the hills to reach this site. The rainy season, therefore, isn’t the best place to be there. Though the journey might take some time, it is worth every bit of your effort.



The Shrine of Hazrat Shah Jalal:

A crucial pilgrimage site in entire Bangladesh, this is the shrine of the famous Sufi Saint Hazrat Shah Jalal and dates back to 14th century. Hailing from Delhi initially, this saint had dedicated all his life to spreading Islam all across this region. He was also popular for defeating the well-known Hindu King named Gour Gobinda. Here in the mosque the robes and the sword of the saint have been well-preserved and are kept for public display. As you step in here you would have to remove all your shoes prior to walking into the mosque. On a daily basis, this site attracts several visitors that are both the locals as well as the tourists.



Tea Gardens and Bangladesh Tea Research Institute:

It is a known fact that Bangladesh lists as one of the leading tea exporters around the globe, with the center of attraction being Srimangal. The tea gardens in this country with its lavish acres are what have made it earn the title of “the land of two leaves and a bud”. So when you are on your vacation, one of the must-visit sites is the Bangladesh Tea Research Institute. Post the Indian partition back in 1947, the region witnessed itself to be detached from having admission to agricultural technology. Hence, this site got created as Pakistan Tea research station back in 1952. Post the liberation, this site received its present name. As you visit this site, you will get to see the way the researchers work to ensure that the crops are as excellent as they can be.


Maha Rash Leela

The Manipuri ‘Maha Rash Leela’ Festival:

The Maha Rash Leela’ Festival is one of its kind experience that you get to experience on your vacation. This popular festival occurs in Madhabpur Juramandhab, Komolgonj of Moulvibazar district annually since 1842, serenading the divine love between Krishna and Radha. Here you get to see Manipuri girls dressed in vibrant attires and participate in the dance rituals that are known as Rakhal Nritya that is known as the dance of Sri Krishna. The festival comprises of a Mela too, where you will find the Manipuri people selling many toys and other attractive handicrafts.


Lawacherra Rain Forest

The Lawacherra Rain Forest:

Spanning across 12.5 square km, the Lawacherra Rain Forest is located in Kamalgonj Upazila of Maulavibazar District. A popular tourist site, this place is a natural habitat for a wide variety of insects and animals. Furthermore, this forest is one such rare site where you will come across the Hoolock Gibbons, which is one of the rare primates. If you love bird watching, then this site will interest you as it’s also known as one of the world’s biggest bird sanctuary.

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Top 5 Bangladesh Restaurants to Check-Out!

Top 5 Bangladesh Restaurants to Check-Out!

So you thought Bangladesh is all about mosques, mangrove forests, simple people, beach, island and many other scenics and ancient sites! There’s more. In fact, if you happen to be a traveler who loves his/her platter as much as the journey itself, this country won’t disappoint you with its eateries and restaurants. It would inspire anyone to open up their own restaurant, it might be hard work but at least some bills like your utility bills would be covered, if you’re looking to start a business, but are worried about what utility bills, you could click here to compare business electricity and start thinking up your restaurant dreams while you check out these restaurants. If you have a restaurant or you’re thinking about opening one then you may want to purchase a POS System from sites such as It might be a good idea to consider some Restaurant accounting if you move over to a POS system. It’ll streamline the whole accounting process if you did.
Here’s the best 5 that you can add on your list!

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  • Pan Tao

House 42, Road 12, Block E, Banani, Dhaka-1213, Bangladesh

Have a fetish for Thai cuisine? This centrally located restaurant in Dhaka is where you need to be. If you visit here and have a word with the locals who visit here on a regular basis, you will find them talk about the “tom yam gung ya (king prawn soup)” at length. The other dish much raved about is the yam pak boong (white mushroom salad). If you love seafood, then this restaurant is all for you with its steamed pomfret with pickled plum and the delicious fried whole white snapper with sweet and sour sauce. Visit this restaurant either for lunch or dinner and you will be pleased with what it has to offer!

  • Cilantro

49 Satmisjid Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209, Bangladesh

Situated at the Satmasjid Road in Dhanmondi, there is Cilantro that offers a wide range of food that takes its inspiration from Asian, Latin American, Mediterranean and other such cuisine disciplines. Here there is an interior of the red brickwork that is a stark contrast to the wooden tables. There are many recycled mason jars with tiny lights inside that create a soft halo. The wide range of menu here comprises of patatas bravas i.e. potato chunks in a spicy tomato sauce, Greece-inspired grilled skewered chicken dish, grilled sirloin steak and chicken souvlaki.

  • Le Soufflé

Bellagio, House 4C, Road 71, Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh

This an exquisite French restaurant, that provides a lavish dining experience for the ones that have a penchant for continental cuisine. Here the experienced chefs choose the best ingredients from around the globe to come up with scrumptious and new age French delicacies. Taste the much talked about bisque de homard Breton, a Brittany-style cream of lobster soup. You can also relish the roasted plump duck breast or the crusade de Pommes caramélisées.

  • George’s Cafe

House 2, Road 10, Sector 1, Uttara, Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh

This is rather a cozy place to be and is preferred by the new age crowd! The interior decor is reminiscent that of the smart Tribeca coffeehouse instead of one that you might expect in Dhaka. The menu here is delightful with its tasty sandwiches with flavors that comprise of Italian chicken sausage with sundried tomatoes and even the tender spiced BBQ beef. In addition to that, you can also select from a wide range of hot dogs done in New-York style. If you want to eat light, order your coffee and munch on a brownie.

  • Mermaid Cafe

Shugandha Beach, Kolatoli, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

Whilst Dhaka provides a wide range of options for dinners, Mermaid Cafe is one place where you need to be! This cafe occupies a part of the Mermaid Eco-Resort in Cox’s Bazar, that is situated in the south-east Bangladesh, which is a rather seaside town as well as a fishing port popular for its 78-mile long beach, which happens to be the longest round the globe. In this restaurant, you will get to select from a wide variety of Bangladeshi cuisine and many other dishes that are inspired from several international cuisines. There’s seafood too, the catch being caught from Cox’s Bazar itself. When you visit this place, you can select your dishes from names like stuffed Indian salmon, garlic prawns with spinach linguine, fresh lobster or the much talked about grilled snapper.

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