Exploring the Lalbagh Fort in Dhaka

Exploring the Lalbagh Fort in Dhaka

Also known by the name of Aurangabad, the Lalbagh Fort in Dhaka is one of the best historical sites that you can explore if you have an affinity towards ancient history and past architecture. This can be best defined as 17th century Mughal Fort that is yet to be completed and is located right in front of the Buriganga River. The creation of this site took place 1678 AD by none other than Mughal Subahdar Muhammad Azam Shah, the son of Emperor Aurangzeb. After you’ve booked your flights from the USA to Dhaka, you can know a couple of facts about this site prior to making a visit.

The fort structures to explore:

It was for a long while that this fort was thought to be a blend of 3 buildings, which is the mosque, the Diwan-i-Aam and the tomb of Bibi Pari along with 2 gateways as a section of the dilapidated fortification as well. There have been excavations in the recent times that have been conducted by the Department of Archaeology of Bangladesh that has also discovered the presence of many other structures that can be counted as tourist interest.

There’s the southern fortification wall which is a vast bastion in the south-western corner! Also in the north of the south fortification wall, there used to be the stable, utility buildings, administration block and also the westerns section that has lodged a scenic roof-garden that also has a water reservoir and fountains. There is an also a residential part that was situated in the eastern part of the west fortification, that is mostly towards the southwest side of the mosque.

The Diwani-i-Aam:

Simply put the ancient Diwan-i-Aam can be best described as a two-storied residence that was the abode of the Mughal governor of Bengal situated on the eastern side of this complex. There is a single storied hammam which is attached to the west. This hammam section comprises of an underground room that was kept for boiling water. There’s also a long dividing wall that runs alongside the west facade of this hammam. Furthermore, this building is located approximately 39 meters towards the west of this tank that runs from north to south. The external evaluations of this building are 32.47m x 8.18m (107′ x 29′).[5]

In addition to that, there are living quarters on every level of these 2 stories along with a prominent central hallway that links them both. You will also come across a Hammamkhana (Bathhouse) on the building’s south that was considered to the seventh Hammamkhana and still has the ancient remnants and reflects the rich heritage of Bangladesh. In the recent excavations that took place between 1994 and 2009, reflect that there was a lavish room of Hammamkhana, a place where the expert archaeologists had come across a heating tower that used to supply hot and cold water to the bathing house through the terracotta pipes. There also has been the discovery of the black spots at an underground room which reflects that fire got used to the heat the water in this bathing house.

The Lalbagh Fort Mosque:

This is a mosque with 3 domes and catches the tourist’s attention. This is also considered to be an old mosque in Dhaka and reflects the history of the city in a huge way.

The Tomb of Pari Bibi:

This tomb is dedicated Bibi Pari, who was the daughter of Shaista Khan and is located in the middle of the fort. This tomb comprises of the remnants of Bibi Pari layered in an artificial octagonal dome that has further wrapped in a brass plate. The complete inner wall is also covered with white marble. You will come across 8 rooms that envelop the central room and there is a small grave towards the south-east side.

A water tank:

This is yet another site to observe! It’s a square shaped water tank that is located on the eastern side of the Diwan-i-Aam. Here you will find four corner stairs to get down from the tank.

One of the ancient sites to explore in Dhaka, the Lalbagh Fort is a visual delight! So all you need to do is get your cheap flights from the USA to Dhaka and get started with your travel plan.

Reasons to Plan your next Trip to Bangladesh

Reasons to Plan your next Trip to Bangladesh

A country in the South Asian belt, Bangladesh fringes the Bay of Bengal in the South, Myanmar to Southeast and India on the North and West. This is a place where you can opt-in for what is called an “unusual” tourism. However, the country will welcome you to its amicable locals and a weather that is much like India. So if you have been in two minds whether or not to explore this country, here are a few best reasons that would encourage you to go ahead and plan your tour.


  • Availability of cheap and affordable airfare:

This is perfect for the ones who want to travel within their budget. Today, there are ace travel agencies available online who provide you with the best deals on cheap flights to Bangladesh and enables you to save big!


  • Enjoy the scenic beauty and wildlife:

Even though the economy of this country is not as high as the other prominent economies, yet Bangladesh doesn’t fail to impress you with its scenic beauty and a wild variety of wildlife. You can explore the unexploited tropical jungles that bring with it the water lilies, bamboos, orchids, leopards, tigers, crocodiles, elephants, mongooses as well as the pythons.


  • Dhakeshwari Temple:

This is a popular national temple for the Hindus in Dhaka, though anybody and everybody of other faith can also walk in at the temple complex. This temple is owned by the state and the term “Dhakeshwari” means the Goddess of Dhaka. People who have been to the Dakshineshwar Temple of Kolkata will find a similarity in the architecture and the temple essence.


  • Bagerhat:

Easily accessible from Mongla or for that matter Khulna, Bagerhat provides a couple of stunning mosques that you can explore in this country along with the popular Khan Jahan Ali tomb. If you visit this place you will come to this site on any given day you will see the local people making pilgrimages here.


  • Old City Tourism:

Here in this capital, you have the chance to explore the busy markets and bazaars of Old Dhaka along with the very chaotic waterfront region in and around Sadarghat. The country though has its troubled past, but once you are in this region a visit to the Liberation War Museum as well as National Museum is essential.


  • The Sundarban Forest:

Known to be the biggest mangrove forest along with being a World Heritage Site, the Sundarban Forest in Bangladesh enables you ample scope for tiger tracking. If you love to respond to adventure, then this one site that you should not miss out on your vacation to Bangladesh.


  • Teknaf Game Reserve:

Situated at the south-east corner of Bangladesh, the Teknaf Game Reserve happens to be one of the remaining scenic rainforest left in Bangladesh and it also has a wide range of wild Asian Elephants.


  • Fish Bhuna:

Bangladeshi cuisine is something that you must experience when you are in this city. Fish Bhuna is one platter that you should taste. Also called as “Maach Bhuna” by the locals and it comprises of a fish platter as well as meat and vegetables. These primary ingredients of this dish get cooked with a bit of spice taste that gets heated in oil. The spices that are used most in Bangladeshi cuisine for its taste comprises of ginger, cinnamon, garlic, red chilli and onions.


  • Patenga Beach:

A popular and scenic beach, the Patenga Beach happens to be located in the second largest city in the country that is Chittagong. This beach is a perfect setting to click some of the best pictures.


  • Dhanmondi Lake:

Situated in the Dhanmondi residential region in Dhaka, that is the Dhanmondi Lake and initially was a dead avenue for the Karwan Bazar River and it was also linked with the Turag River.


  • Experience the unique shopping in the country:

When you are in Bangladesh you can seriously take a break from the “made in China” shopping spree and say yes to a set of pink pearls for a change. In addition to that, you can also add in the Dhakai Jamdani to your wardrobe collection, which happens to be one of the best handloom forms weaving that has been declared by the UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

So all you need to do now is opt-in for the cheap flights to Bangladesh and also explore the mosques and other sites that the country offers.

Analyze the Tourist Sites in Chittagong

Analyze the Tourist Sites in Chittagong

Known to be a huge town and also enjoying the status of the biggest international seaport in Bangladesh, Chittagong is one of the popular cities that you can explore! This city enjoys its tourist status as much as Dhaka and Sylhet and experiences several foreign tourists visiting this city on an annual basis. Sometimes, international tourists might find the crowd and chaos around certain city areas, such as close to the Railway Station and New Market Circle to be slightly chaotic, but Chittagong has other tourist sites to count on during your vacation. So if you’re game for budget travel, quickly opt-in for the cheap flights to Chittagong from an online travel agency and save more on your travel.

Top places to visit:

So if you are making your sightseeing list in Chittagong, here are few names that you should add on.

  • The Shrine of Bayazid Bostami – This site is a pious place that attracts many tourists and pilgrims. Right at the base of the site, you will come across a huge pond with turtles swimming. There’s an ancient lore pertaining to this as well. However, in terms of architecture, this site is grand and is a great subject for photography if you love to photograph.
  • The Foy’s Lake – This site is known for its scenic backdrop and surrounding and is a pleasant tourist spot for picnics and outings.
  • World War Cemetery – This is a scenic site which is actually a burial ground of as many as 700 soldiers who belonged to Canada, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, West and East Africa as well as Japan who had lost their lives at Myanmar front during the time of the World War II.
  • The Ethnological Museum – Looked upon as a distinctive treasure trove of multiple tribal cultural artifacts and heritage of Bangladesh, this museum is a must visit for the ones who love history and wants to delve deep.
  • Patonga Beach – Located at a distance of about 22 km from Chittagong this beach can also be reached using a motor vehicle. As you make your way to this beach, you have the chance to cross Patenga Airport.
  • The Court Building – Located in the Fairy Hills, this ancient building offers a panoramic bird’s eye view of the whole city! The view from the night is especially scenic. This Court Building was established as soon as the East India Company has taken over Chittagong and had also declared it to be another administrative zone back in 1773. This building is vast and has more than 250 thousand square feet and has several rooms as well.
  • The Fouzdarhat Sea Beach – Often considered to be one of the best picnic and hang-out spots by many locals and tourists, this site is located at a distance of 16 km from Chittagong. Also at a distance of 37 km from Chittagong, there is a rather scenic place named Sitakunda that also has a railway station of the same name. And here you can go and visit the Chandranath Temple as well as the Buddhist Temple where you will come across a huge footprint of Lord Buddha. These sites are well regarded by the Hindus and the Buddhist, especially the mountain tops, where the much talked about Shiva-Chaturdashi festival gets arranged annually during the month of February where several pilgrims gather for about 10 days at a stretch. In addition, you that you will also come across a salt-water spring that is situated at a distance of 5kms towards the north of Sitakunda, which is known as the Labanakhya.
  • Kattali Beach – Chittagong is a place of natural beauty! So if you have been planning to explore a natural beachhead to this site where you will also find rich mangrove forest towards the west of Halishahar as well as south of Kattali.

Winter is the best time to visit Chittagong as the weather is conducive for sightseeing! Though you will find tourists and travelers all across the year, yet winter is the time which you should aim for. However, since it’s going to be a peak season, you always can opt-in for cheap flights to Chittagong as you plan your vacation and save more.

Bangladesh at a glance!

Bangladesh at a glance!

So it’s Bangladesh that has caught your fancy now! This country with its exotic beaches, dense forests, mosques, nature spots like hills and gardens have welcomed many international and domestic travelers from around the globe. If you are one who would want to plan your tour within your budget, you can opt-in for the cheap flights to Dhaka Bangladesh from godhakatravel.com and save a good amount. And here is a snapshot of sites that you can add to your exploration list as you set out.

  • Khulna, for the Royal Bengal Tiger – Close to Chittagong and Dhaka, you have Khulna which is the best place for Royal Bengal Tigers. Khulna is a place where you have access to the popular Sunderbans, considered to be the largest mangrove forest in the world. In addition to this, there is also the Rabindra Complex that you can visit and is associated with the popular poet Tagore.
  • Rajshahi, a place of Silk – This is one city that used to produce silk that earlier got sold across the globe. In the recent times, this place is a popular tourism and academic center. Today, the travelers and tourists visit this place for the malls that sell silk fabrics and select the ones that appeal to them. Here the Barendra Museum too is one of the best tourist sites that offer some of the world best collections. You can find the best mangoes and lichee’s here in this city.
  • Rangpur, a place dedicated to Business, Tourism and Trade – When you visit this city you get the chance to explore one of the most popular museums in the country, which is the “Tajhan Rajbari Museum”. Many people also call it the Rangpur Museum and it offers access to several artifacts that are associated with Bangladesh’s history. Other than this the city will also provide you many art objects to discover and explore that is very unique. There is yet another museum here that you can explore named the Begum Rokeya Museum”, which is very famous for the locals and tourists. Furthermore, there is also the Kantanagar temple and the Paharpur Buddhist Monastery that you can visit here as well.
  • Mymensingh, the site of Moimonsingho Geetika and Nakshikantha – Simply put, Nakshikantha happens to be a duvet that has been handcrafted by the residents of Mymensingh that is a popular choice amidst the travelers. And in addition to this tourist attraction, you also have the chance to explore the popular Moimonsingho Geetika which is a historic rural ballad. There is the Alexander Castle that is located in Mymensingh which is frequented by several travelers and tourists as that has a connection with popular world leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Subhash Chandra Bose and others as well. Located on the banks of the popular Brahmaputra River, Mymensingh also provides a scenic boat ride to people that is one memorable tourist experience that you can have whilst your vacation.
  • Bandarban, the dam of the Monkeys – Known to be one of the scenic places in Bangladesh this region, can be accessed from any other important cities as well. Here you will get to see a serene lake and there is also the Shoilo Propat, which is a beautiful waterfall that is popular tourist destinations. In this region, you will come across some of the best Buddhist Temples. However, the Buddha Dhatu Jadi happens to be the most popular of all the temples and here you will find the second largest Buddha statue in entire Bangladesh.
  • Durgasagar, a Tourist Destination with a difference – You could explore the entire country of Bangladesh, but this place is something memorable and a tourist site with a difference. This place is also called by the locals and some tourists by the name of Madhabpasha Dighi and is situated close to the Barisal port. This happens to be a very big pond and is encompassed with coconut trees. There is also one island in the middle which is a place where you can spot some of the popular birds. Close to this, you will also find locals and tourists who plan a picnic and spend some time amidst the natural scenes.

So all you need to do now is opt-in for the cheap flights to Dhaka Bangladesh from godhakatravel.com and explore these popular places on your stay in this country.

The Top Three Sites You Can’t-Miss in Sylhet

A popular metropolitan city mapped on the north-east side of Bangladesh, Sylhet is situated on the right bank of the Surma River. Its location makes the basins and hills in its vicinity, which makes the city rich in natural backdrops and scenes. It’s a treasure trove for nature lovers! Overall, the city has its monsoon climate at high altitudes. The rainy season from October to April is said to be hot and comes down with heavy showers as well as thunderstorms daily. However, if you decide to visit between February and November, you will enjoy a good weather. And for the budget travelers, you can always opt in for the cheap flights to Sylhet from the online travel agencies these days and save a good amount.

Culture and Tribes:

The culture of a city or country or region gives it its essence and temperament! When it comes to Sylhet, you will witness a unique culture with its love for prayers and henna art. That is not all. This city also has its tribe’s right in place which makes up for an interesting tour. Going by the latest records, of the 479,837 residents (approximately) there are over 80,000 residents that belong to multiple tribes such as the Khashis, Marmas and the Garos. There are many other aboriginal tribes as well that stay within their rules and this enables you to enjoy your cultural tourism in Sylhet as well.

Top 3 Tourist Sites to Explore:

There are many places to explore in Sylhet. However, these 3 scores the highest points. So here goes!

  • Sreemangal:

Sreemangal which is an Upazila of Moulovibazer is situated on the north-east Sylhet division and is also called Bangladesh’s Tea Capital. This place produces one of the best quality teas that also contribute to almost 3% of the world’s total tea production. This place also gains popularity in eco-tourism and is popular for its unexplored fauna and flora. When you are making your way to Sreemangal you will come across a huge sculpture that is named as the “Cha Konna” which means, the daughter of tea. This figure welcomes every traveler and tourist to this site. This is a massive sculpture of a girl picking tea leaf. When you are touring in and around Sreemangal you will get to experience the bounty of Mother Nature and also explore over 8 scenic tea gardens which are located right beside the Dhaka-Sylhet road.



  • Lawachara National Park:

Lawachara National Park this is one prominent national Park and a nature zone in the country! Situated in Kamalganj, Upazila, Maulvi Bazar District that is on the north-east side of the country, this park is at a position of 160km north-east of Dhaka and 60kms from Sylhet. And if you are heading here from Sreemangal you will just have to cross 8 kilometers.  This type enables you to have a look at several insects, small animals and multiple types of birds. The specialty of this forest is that it has many kinds of plants. Here you will come across over 159 plant species that spans across 123 genera. In addition to that, the rainforest is also a well-known destination for the hikers and the bird watchers.

Lawachara National Park


  • Ratargul Swamp Forest:

The Ratargul Swamp Forest can be best described as a freshwater forest that is situated at the Gowaingghat, Sylhet. This happens to be the only swamp forest that is located in this country and is one of the selected freshwater swamp forests around the globe! The forest is under the supervision of Department of Forestry, Govt. of Bangladesh. The scenic beauty of this forest has a lot to thank the rainy season, as this is what makes the forest bloom. Ratargul is situated at a distance of 26 km from Sylhet. There is also a wetland that spans across 30,325 acres in the Sylhet range that is under the onus of the forest department and in that wetland the Ratargul swamp forest spans across 504 acres. If you want to explore this region, the best time is the monsoon.

Ratargul Swamp Forest

So book your cheap flights to Sylhet and explore these three stunning sites in the city on your vacation!