Things that make Bangladesh a Unique Travelling Experience

Things that make Bangladesh a Unique Travelling Experience

When you set out to explore a land, there are many facts that you will hear from people and fellow travelers. So if it’s Bangladesh on your list, you probably would have heard by now that it’s one of the most populated countries in the world. Well, the demographics though ensure that fact, but there are a whole lot of other interesting reasons as to why traveling to this land is a unique and distinctive experience. Other than the fact there are the obvious tourist places and historical attractions, there are plenty of other things that will make your Bangladesh expedition something to reminisce about when you are back from the tour.

Here are some of the unique traveling experiences you are going to have!

Getting your way through cheap flights to Bangladesh:

Though it’s not much of a travel experience per say when you can add to your savings by opting in for cheap flights you automatically add to the entire travel experience. Thanks to the online travel agencies today, that you will have access to the cheap flights to Dhaka, Bangladesh and you will be able to save a huge amount on the same. So go ahead and make your bookings today.

You get to shop from some of the best European high-street labels at cheap price rates:

Going by facts, Bangladesh is known as the second largest exporter of clothes and it supplies to huge brands all across the world, especially to the ones in U.S and Europe. The best news here is that the surplus from the overall production is often provided by some of the stores at a discounted price deal. This means you have access to some of the trendy outfits at the best price possible. So if you happen to be fashion junkie all you need to do is opt-in for the European high street fashion sale and make the most of the affordable buys made available for you.

The pink pearls are all available for you to browse and buy:

If there’s a gem that this country is popular for then its pink pearls. Bangladesh is the place where you can get an authentic variety of the same. As you browse through the jewelry shops that provide the shiny pink pearls in the form of a necklace, earring, bangle or bracelet you can either purchase single piece jewelry or can opt-in for an entire set. So go ahead and make your purchase today!

Get the best deals in saree and silk in this country:

The country is here to offer you more! Whether you opt in for the ready-made knits and weaves or decide to opt in for the luxe route saying yes to the Rajasthani silk as well as the beautifully woven Jamdani sarees, you will have the chance to have access to the same at the best price possible. That aside, you also have the chance to try your hands at the best variety of cotton, jute and muslin. So as you walk into the clothing stores make the most of your savings and buy the best Bangladeshi attires.

So all you need to do now say yes to the cheap flights to Dhaka, Bangladesh and enjoy these unique experiences in Bangladesh.

Top 5 Chittagong Tourist Sites You Shouldn’t Miss

Top 5 Chittagong Tourist Sites You Shouldn’t Miss

Being one of the core seaports and situated at a rather favorable territorial location, Chittagong is a city in Bangladesh that is considered to be the most important zone in South Asia. This city is replete with natural spots and sites that are worth exploring. If you’re looking to travel to South Asia, or other worldwide destinations, you will most likely want to look into services that offer vaccinations to these locations like pharmavaccs. And if you are presently located in Canada and want to visit this city within your budget, you can simply opt-in for the cheap flights from Canada to Chittagong that are available online.

As for the 5 tourist sites that you must add on to your list and explore, include:

The Foy’s Lake:

Located centrally in this city, this is one of the popular sites to explore. Amusement World can be best described as a theme park situated in the same area as the Sea World and also the Foy’s Lake Resorts. Also, the Foy’s Lake theme parks are situated in a scenic backdrop that is encompassed with hills, a beautiful lake and also green forests that are situated at Pahartoli, Chittagong spanning across a region of 320 acres. The city of Chittagong is also considered to be one of the scenic cities owing to its valleys, forests, rivers, seaside and hills.

The Banshkhali Sea Beach:

One of the popular natural wonders, Banshkhali is at the southern part of the city and is surrounded with a sandy sea beach, sloping hills, lavish green tea gardens, an eco-park and also wildlife sanctuaries. However, all these scenic places of this small abode on earth still stay unexplored by the majority of people. Many locals too aren’t aware of these places. However, the most scenic part of this place is the 35 km long sea beach where you can walk on the sidelines and even play with the sea water.

The Parki Sea Beach:

When you visit the Parki Sea Beach, you have the great chance to enjoy the sea beach and river together. You can have a look at the silvery river and the vast greenery that surrounds the site. This beach also famous for the crabs that you can have a look alongside the seashore! There are tourists who can have a look at the huge ships that are resting at the outer anchor as well along with the fishermen getting their daily fish count amidst the serene and laidback ambience. This is a rather scenic location where you can be at nature’s own crest and zone out from the chaotic life of the city. If you are into photography this is a good location to experiment with your lens.

The Risang Waterfall:

Risang Waterfall is located at a distance of three kilometers west of Alutila tourism centre and is also one of the best sites to explore in the city. If you are taking a walk towards the north, you can actually hear the waterfall sounds that will rejuvenate your body and soul. You will find 2 waterfalls alongside. The roads have been made in a way that the tourists can walk through a stairway in order to have a shower for convenience.

The Alutila Cave Kagrachori:

Khagrachari happens to be a scenic Bangladesh district! The Matiranga Upozilla of this place attracts tourists owing to its hilly beauties and natural greenery. The Alutila cave is situated at the Alutila hill or the Arbari hill and enthralls the tourists and travelers with a haunting beauty of nature at the Matiranga, Khagrachari. If you have a secret call to adventure then this could very well be your tourist site choice whilst in the city. The mystery and darkness are what attracts one and all. Being about 100 meters long and having ample space to allow 4 people to move in freely this cave is the best place for tourists who are seeking an adrenaline rush. The best part of the Alutila cave is the cold water that flows right at the bottom owing to a small waterfall that is located inside the cave. Also, another point of interest is the local people that sell handmade bamboo torch or mosal in front of the cave so that people can navigate through the cave.

So all you have to do now is opt-in for the cheap flights from Canada to Chittagong and explore these 5 sites in the city.

Top 5 Hotels in Dhaka

Top 5 Hotels in Dhaka

Being the capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka today is improving in terms of business, trade, commerce and has a rich history and culture, that gives the city the essence that it has, which has been attracting tourists and travelers from across the globe. This city dates back to the 17th century and was also considered as the Mughal capital city of Bengal and the Mughal influence can be witnessed in the mosques and palaces that the city houses. And the city also welcomes it travelers from around the globe, for instance, places like Canada with a wide array of hotels that are lavish and guarantees a comfortable. So if you are yet to decide on your accommodation, then all you need to do is book your flights from Canada to Dhaka and take a pick from these 5 best hotels in the city.

  • Six Seasons Hotels:

If you have been aiming for a lavish and luxurious stay in this city, go ahead with Six Seasons Hotel without a second’s delay or doubt. You will not be disappointed in any way. This hotel houses several of the “firsts” in Bangladesh. For instance, there is the hanging, heated and partially transparent infinity pool, which stands 119 feet tall having a mosaic mural along with a state-of-the-art heating and water filtration system. In addition to that, you will also find automatic toilets and the advanced LED Smart and 3D TVs. The hotel amenities make it get counted amongst the finest chain of hotels globally. This is also one of the most preferred hotels for wedding events.

  • Long Beach Hotel:

If you aim to explore Cox’ Bazar, then this is one of the best names that you can opt-in for. This is a distinctive property in Gulshan-2 that has its location at a principal commercial zone in the city and is in a vicinity with most business entities. The Hazrat Shah Jalal (R.A) International Airport is located at a distance of only 9kms from the hotel. Majority of the international embassies, exclusive shopping malls, high commissions as well as offices of popular private sector entrepreneurs, national as well as multinational companies are located at a walking distance. You have the option to select from the super deluxe room, deluxe room as well as the premier suite.

  • Radisson Blu Dhaka Water Garden:

Spanning across 7 acres of lavish gardens at central Dhaka’s main commercial center, this hotel offers a wonderful time out from the busy city ambience. Here you will come across an apt balance of great comfort and lavish amenities that you can expect from a 5-star resort. Also, the distance to Hazrat Shah Jalal (R.A) International Airport is very less, so you can arrive fast as you reach this city. In addition to that, this hotel is also situated close to the popular tourist sites in Dhaka such as Ahsan Manzil or the National Assembly Building and the like.

  • The Westin Dhaka:

If you want to experience the best of high-end hotel amenities and also something revolutionary then walks into The Westin Dhaka. For business travelers who want to stay comfortably and also want to get into wellness and fitness, this hotel has the best options available for all purposes. Other than excellent services and amicable behavior from the hotel staff, the hotel also enables you to make the most of the free internet in room, select from the best room rates and also have access to the “earn free nights”. You also have access to the heated pool outside as well.

  • Le Meridien Dhaka:

As the name suggests this has to be one of the best that Dhaka has to offer to travelers who are all in for swank, class and comfort when it comes to accommodation. If you don’t have any reservation on your hotel budget, then this is the hotel that you can check into and be welcomed in a lavish way by the staff. Other than the exclusive hotel rooms and high-end services in terms of a wide food palette to select for in breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can also avail the state-of-the-art fitness centre and the spa.

Hence, all you need to do now is book your flights from Canada to Dhaka and select from these 5 best hotels for your accommodation.

Top 3 Popular Mosques in Dhaka

Top 3 Popular Mosques in Dhaka

Having a deep Muslim impact owing to the Nawabs and Mughal kings who ruled the city back in history, Dhaka is a city of mosques. And if you are visiting this city sometime soon from the USA and want to explore the ancient mosques, then here are 3 names that you shouldn’t overlook. Also, if you happen to be a budget traveler, then all you have to do is opt-in for discounted flights from the USA to Dhaka from the online travel agencies and add to your savings.

1.The Star Mosque:

This is a splendid mosque located in Mahuttuly on Abul Khairat. In terms of architecture, this mosque is in a typically Mughal style that has 5 domes with several small and big sparkling stars as the decorations. These little star decorations have been generated by setting up chinaware pieces of white cement. When you have a look at it on a close basis you get to see the delicate beauty of it. The interior decor of this mosque is resplendent than the exterior. It has excellent mosaic floor and tiles along with several floral patterns that are set on the wall. This mosque was created initially with only 3 comes back in 18th century, by the popular Mirza Ghulam Pir who was a famous Zamindar in Dhaka.

2.Sat Gambuj Mosque:

The Sat Gambuj Mosque situated close to the outskirts of Dhaka, in the north-west side in Jafarbad region. This mosque explains a great example of the provincial Mughal pattern of architecture that was introduced in Bangladesh, back in 17th century. One of the most prominent features of this mosque is the 7 vast domes that crown the roof of the mosque and also layers the main prayer hall. This site was probably established by Governor Shaista Khan and the mosque has made extensive use of various shapes such as a rectangle, squarem octagon and circle which has been paired beautifully. You will also find 4 hollow-double storey domed corner towers for which the mosque gets its name.

3.Hussaini Dalan Mosque:

The Hussaini Dalan mosque initially got created at the time of the second half of Mughal reign back in the 17th century. It was set up as a House of Imam belonging to the Shia community. In addition to that, this site also serves as the primary Hussainiya of Dhaka or a place for gatherings that used to take place during the time of Muharram. Established on a high-raised platform, this happens to be a long rectangular building that has four simple and classy cabins located in the corner. There is also a scenic gateway on the northern side from where you can enter the building and also have a look at the stonework water tank that is placed at the building’s southern side. The mosque blends in both British and Mughal architectural patterns.

So go ahead and select your discounted flights from the USA to Dhaka from the online travel agencies and add these 3 mosques to your list and get set to visit Dhaka.

Top 3 Places in Chittagong that You Should Miss At All

Top 3 Places in Chittagong that You Should Miss At All

So you are settled or presently located in Canada and have been mulling on a quick tour to Chittagong, on your Bangladesh tour! If your tour duration is less, then you need to touch upon the crucial sights of interest. Known to be one of the biggest seaports as well as the financial districts, Chittagong is known as one of the most well-known tourist hubs in this country. This is a vibrant city and is throbbing with a vast population that goes over 2.5 million people. So if you have a short time to explore this city that you should visit without fail. And to cater to your budget you always have the chance to say yes to cheap flights from Canada to Chittagong that is easily available online.

Explore the Patenga Beach:

Situated at the source of Karnaphuli River, at a distance of almost 15 km towards the proper city, you will find the Patenga Beach, which is one of the most scenic destinations in this region. What makes this site even more scenic is its closeness to the Bangladesh Naval Academy, where people are able to have a look at the Bangladesh Navy ships at a very close distance. This isn’t just like any other beach where you have the chance to walk alongside for miles. There’s more to explore here. A vast stretch of the shoreline has been created in a way that it’s established with brick pillars as well as stones to secure the beach from erosion. Despite this, the Patenga Beach happens to be a popular tourist site for the locals as well as the seaside vendors. Here you can also taste one of the prominent local dishes, which is spicy and fried mud crab that is served with a very small plate of falafel and is garnished with onion and cucumber. And if you are willing to enjoy a serene time in nature, this beach is dotted with huge palm trees that provide the much-required respite from the summer heat. Furthermore, at the beach, you will also get to have a glimpse of several bird species. This beach is also known for its scenic sunsets and sunrises.

Visit the popular historical shrine of Bayazid Bastami:

The city of Chittagong is the abode of several Mahometans as well as Hindus. This means a visit to this region is practically incomplete without having a glimpse of one of the holiest, historical and popular sites, which happens to the shrine of Bayazid Bastami, a popular Persian Sufi, who originated from Bastam, Iran. Both the sarcophagus and the tomb were initially discovered back in 1831. During that time, it used to be behind a wall along with secure pillars. In the recent times, this site has been framed by a new age structure. As you keep exploring you will find that one of the distinctive features of this site that adds to the tourist appeal is the huge pond that is right in front of the shrine which happens to be a place where there were vast endangered black soft-shell turtles. There’s local lore to the existence of the turtles as well which you will get to know when you visit the site.

Don’t miss out on Handi’s Restaurant:

Travelling is incomplete without a tasty platter. So on your stay in this city make it a point to visit the popular restaurants and savour the local delicacies. One of the popular names that you can visit is Handi’s Restaurant, which is open between 11 am and 11 pm, all seven days a week. Ask any local as to why they flock to this restaurant; you will know that it’s because of the yummy Hyderabadi biriyani as well as the Indian cuisine which are the in-house specialty that shouldn’t be missed at all. This restaurant comes with a delectable menu and is perfect for the ones who love to experiment both with meat and vegetarian dishes. In addition to that, you can also order a plate of Dosa but for that, you need to be there prior to 8:30 pm, as a post that no orders will be taken.

So it’s time to get set and book your cheap flights from Canada to Chittagong and visit all these 3 places when you are in the city.