Explore the Best Cafeterias in Dhaka

Explore the Best Cafeterias in Dhaka

Cafeterias in Dhaka! That’s what you must be exclaiming in surprize by now. The city all this while was known for its Dhakai Jamdani sarees or the temples, mosques and Bangladesh cuisines. However, as the city has developed to a great extent with its developing economy there are some of the best cafeterias in the city. So if you have been planning to enjoy a vacation in this city and have booked your cheap flights to Dhaka, Bangladesh, here are the best cafeterias that you can explore whilst your stay.

Latitude 23

Airport Road | 79/A Commercial Area,

Nikunja 2, Le Meridien

Dhaka City 1229, Bangladesh

This is a cafe that is a favorite amidst the youth owing to its ambiance and the edibles served. You can walk into this cafe for breakfast, lunch, brunch as well as lunch. The coffee seems to be the best here. You can select from the various types that are available. That aside, you will also love the croissant which is rather big in size than anywhere else in the city! The ambiance too is charming. And there are people who book this venue for their anniversary and birthday celebration. The desserts available too are delectable.

North End Coffee

KHA-47-1 Pragati Sharani | Badda, Dhaka City, Bangladesh

You will fall in love with the coffee, tasty brownies and the cinnamon rolls here. If you want to order croissants with your coffee, you with get them hot and fresh. The cafeteria also offers you butter and jam along with it. You will find that the coffee flavors here are crafted skilfully. For instance, you can opt-in for the espresso coffee of the Sumatra blend. You will get an essense of the roasted bean here as well. The macchiato is also a top favorite for many coffee lovers.

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Road 117, House 11/A | Gulshan, Dhaka City 1212, Bangladesh

The name itself says it all! A popular brand, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf outlet in Dhaka city enable the coffee and pastry lovers to enjoy their platter from a well-curated menu. Though the price of coffee and other delicacies are a tad bit high here, it’s totally worth considering the ambiance as well as the food. Most often used as a place for brunch by foreign travelers this cafeteria records good crowd footfall. The coffee Americano is a popular choice for many. Other than coffee and tea you can get your choicest wraps, sandwiches, pizzas, pastry, cookies, cheesecakes and the like.

Tabaq Coffee

Jamuna Future Park | Shop 5C 23, Level 5, Zone C, Dhaka City, Bangladesh

Walk into this warm and well managed cafeteria for the tasty cupcakes along with your cappuccino and cafe lattes. You will come across very well designed espresso and along with that some of the best brownies and the muffins as well. For that one who loves to savour plain or fruit cakes or muffins, such as vanilla muffin or blueberry muffin, you have some of the good alternatives here as well. In addition to that, you can also say yes to some of the best platters like pasta, pizzas, open sandwiches, French fries along with the standard ketch-up and sauces as well. The price is not very expensive. So after a day’s travel, you can opt-in for this coffee and unwind with your choicest cup of coffee and desserts or sandwiches.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees

Gulshan Avenue, House 35 | Road 71, Dhaka City, Bangladesh

The best way to describe this cafeteria is by calling it an eatery which caters to European and international platters along with the regular coffee. Though the price can tend to be on the higher side, it is certainly worth the food and the ambiance. Other than the regular wraps, sandwiches and pasta you also get delicacies of rice and chicken cooked in multiple ways. the menu has a wide range of options for you to select and enjoy your platter here.

In the recent times, the city of Dhaka has been developing in several ways and there has been a wave of new cafeterias in the city. So once you have booked your cheap flights to Dhaka, Bangladesh you can use the savings to taste the best platters in the choicest of the cafeterias.

Top Four Tourist Sites in Chittagong

Top Four Tourist Sites in Chittagong

Situated at the source of River Karnaphuli, Chittagong port dates back in history from 9th century. There are plenty of places to explore here. However, if you are searching for the best ones, here are the top four places that you can add to your exploration list, once you’ve booked your cheap flights to Chittagong and get ready for your budget tour.

Cox’s Bazar

This is one of the iconic places to visit in this city. Noted as the longest beach globally here you will be welcomed by the golden sands that stretch across miles, the surfing waves, high cliffs, vibrant pagodas, aboriginal tribes, Buddhist temples, very distinctive conch shells, delectable Bangladesh food and many more. The sea water is warm and free of sharks that makes it perfect for swimming, bathing and the sandy beaches welcome you to sun-bath as well as take an idle walk. The view of the setting sun is simply mesmerizing here. That aside, you will also get locally made cigars in addition to handloom products from the Rakhyne families and are worth purchasing.

Though it’s winter that’s the peak season here, you will find locals and foreign travelers visiting Cox’s Bazaar all year round. For that one who seeks adventure and has a wish to soak in all the wilderness of the sea, can visit Cox’s Bazaar between the months of mid-April and August and you can experience a different side of the sea.

Martins Island

Known as one of the most scenic coral islands, St. Martins Island allows you to come across as many as live corals.  Located at a distance of 30kms from Teknaf, travelers can reach this island through sea trucks, tourist boats or a local motorboat. This is a rather small coral island that is located at a distance of 10km towards the south-western corner of the mainland. The island welcomes you with is pleasant beaches that are bordered with coconut palms along with bountiful marine life. You can also possibly walk in and around this island all through the day as it is only 8 square kms that shrink down to 5 square kms during the time of the high tide. There are about 5500 inhabitants on the island that thrives on fishing which takes place between the months of October and April. During this time the fishermen from the close by areas usually get their catch to the temporary wholesale market of this island.

Himchori and the Inani Beach

When you are roaming around in and around Cox’s Bazaar there are plenty of sites to explore! From here you can rent a jeep and drive across the seashore. If you are in Himchori you shouldn’t be missing out on the waterfall, for which it is so famous. During the winter months the waterfall dwindles but still during the monsoon time and another season this is a delight to watch. On the other hand, Inani Beach is popular for its coral boulders and rocks. Here you will come across the huge coral boulders on the beach. You can plan to be there in the Inani Beach through Himchori for half a day or a complete day and enjoy the sightseeing. You can also carry lunch with you.

Nijhum Island

You can simply hop on to this island right after exploring St. Martin’s Island. This island is a natural scenic spot of the mangrove forests where you will come across Dears of chosen species along with the amazing monkeys. There’s a huge count of migratory birds here that visit this island when its winter. This island has an enchanting beauty that will make any traveler want to explore this island more and more. This island can be explored both from Chittagong as well as Dhaka. In case you are visiting this island from Chittagong, you first need to reach Hatia Island using a ship or a motorboat and from there you can be there at the Nijhum Island by boarding a local motorboat.

Therefore, all you have to do now is browse online and say yes to the best deals on cheap flights to Chittagong, save well and plan for your budget tour to this city.

Make the most of Barisal Tourism

Make the most of Barisal Tourism

Barisal is one city in Bangladesh that has tweaked the interest of many travelers and tourists! Located on the banks of Kirtankhola River, which is in south-central Bangladesh, Barisal is considered to be major cities as well as one of the ancient municipalities and river ports in the entire country. Hence, it is needless to say that the city has many points of interests that as an explorer or traveler you would want to explore.

So if you have been planning to visit this city within your budget, then you can buy cheap flights to Dhaka, Bangladesh from godhakatravel.com and make the most of the discounted tickets and add to your savings as well.

A brief history:

The city was said to be a semi-independent region at the time of the Mughal era owing to the fights that used to take place between the Hindu chiefs and Mughals. Within a span of time, this place came under the ownership of the Bengal Nawabs and the last of the kings were Raja Ramranjan Chakravarty and post that it was passed to the colonial British India East Pakistan and finally Bangladesh.

In addition to that, this historical city of Barisal sometimes was termed ads Bacola back in Europe. It was Ralph Fitch, who was the very first Englishman as well as a leather merchant who made his visit to Bengal back in middle 1580’s described Barisal in his journal. However, the central part of this city happens to be the Barisal city that comprises as many as 0.38 million people along with the divisional headquarters, Cadet College, medical college, textile industries, few pharmaceutical industries as well as the Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority’s head office. This is a very fast-growing city.

One of the new developments is that the country’s very first take-off and short landing airport is almost complete today. Furthermore, there is also an airlines brand named Air Bengal that has started daily flight service between the Dhaka Tejgaon Airport and Barisal. According to few tourists, Barisal has also been often called the “Venice of Bengal” as well as “Venice of East”.

Tourist sites of architectural excellence:

Given the history of this city, there are several ancient tourist sites that are popular for its architectural finesse and the sturdiness that it all embodies considering the sites were created a long time back. Some of the popular places of interest amongst which are the best heritage buildings includes the following:

  • Sangram Kella
  • Girja Mahalla
  • Kasai Mosque
  • Kali Bari of Mukunda Das
  • Rammohan Samadhi Mandir
  • Guthia Baitul Aman Jame Mashjid Complex
  • Sharkal Fort
  • Shankar Math
  • Sujabad Kella
  • Ebadullah Mosque
  • Oxford Mission Church
  • Bangabondhu Uddyan
  • Durgasagar Dighi
  • Joint Mosque at Bhatikhana
  • Housing Estate Jame Mosjid
  • Aswini Kumar Town Hall
  • Fakir Bari Jamee Mosjid
  • One domed Mosque (Kasba)
  • Charkella

Durgasagar and other points of interest:

Having an area of 2,500 hectares Durgasagar can be best described as the biggest Dighi or pond that is located in southern Bangladesh. This site is situated at the Madhabpasa village of the babuganj upazila, which is at a distance of 11kms from the town of Barisal. The local name for this place is Madhabpasha Dighi. As per the wishes expressed by Rani Durgavati, who was the mother of Raja Joynarayan, this dighi got dugged way back in 1780. Here you will find coconut trees in and around the Dighi that got bounded by the brick-walls. The other encompassing region of the Dighi in the recent times has been converted into a picnic spot.

Other than this few other points of interest in the city include the following:

  • Bangladesh Rice Research Institute Regional Centre (Coconut Garden)
  • Muktijoddha Park
  • Baitul Aman Jame Masjid Complex
  • Bibir Pukur
  • Shankar Math
  • BadhyaBhumi Monument (বধ্যভূমি স্মৃতিসৌধ)
  • Bell’s Park aka Bangubandhu Udyan
  • Kali Mandir founded by the Poet Mukunda Das
  • Korapur Miah Bari Masjid
  • Padma Pukur (Pond of Lotus)
  • Dapdapia Bridge
  • 30 Godown
  • Jibanananda Das Museum
  • Planet World
  • Town Hall
  • Narikel Bagan & Horticulture (Agriculture Training Institute)
  • Bir Sreshtho Captain Mohiuddin Jahangir Library and Museum
  • Sher-e-Bangla Museum
  • Lakhutia Zamindar Bari
  • Oxford Mission Church

So if you want to visit this city within your budget, all you need to do is make the most of the cheap flights to Dhaka, Bangladesh from godhakatravel.com, save big and enjoy your vacation.