Travel Experiences to Enjoy in Bangladesh

Travel Experiences to Enjoy in Bangladesh

Keeping in mind the latest developments and its tourist jewels, traveling to Bangladesh is less a vacation and more of an experience. From the longest beach around the globe to the biggest mangrove forest, the Bengal tiger zone to the lavish green tea estate, this country is rich in some of the scenic places to discover. And if you really want to opt in for it, then plan a vacation for a week or more. And to add to your savings you can always count on the popular online travel agencies to offer you cheap flights to Dhaka, Bangladesh that will help you save more.

Here are some of the sites that you must experience when in Bangladesh!

The magic of Cox’s Bazar:

At 125km, the popular Cox’s Bazar is known as the longest natural beach that the world has. Needless to say, it’s a well-known tourist vacation spot. Much beyond the structure of the main town, this place is a vast stretch of empty sands that move to a great distance. Every year there are plenty of foreigners visiting this beach. There is also the well-known Sonadia Island, located at a distance of 9km from Cox’s Bazar that is the home ground to the country’s surf scene, which is still developing gradually. This started with an Australian visiting this island and leaving his board on the island, back in 2002.

The exotic Sunderbans:

If nature attracts you, then Sunderbans is something that you should experience in this country without fail. Located on the south-west side of Bangladesh, the Sunderbans is the biggest mangrove forest that the world could boast of. The freshwater rivers blend with salt water from the Bay of Bengal. This is also the place that houses the still existing endangered royal Bengal tigers in the world. Today, the count is approximately 500. The travelers here take boat tours to experience the scenic beauty of the rivers and canals and also having a look at the rare breed of tigers. The fishermen of Bangladesh also catch fish here and they have trained otters with them.

Experience the authentic Bangladesh cuisine:

Bangladesh is known for its wide range of culinary delicacies. So on your vacation doesn’t forget to relish the authentic Bangladeshi Bhuna Khichuri, the Morog Pulao, Grilled Chicken as well as the Kacchi Biriyani. In terms of the dessert, you can opt-in for the sweetened curd, known as Mishti Doi which is available in local restaurants as well as the sweet shops.

Lavish resorts in Bangladesh:

The city has some of the best resorts. Even though you are opting in for a budget, you can stay one day of your vacation here and enjoy the ambiance. So if you have in mind to explore the Sunderbans, then you can make the brand new Panigram Resort, located close to Jessore as your base to explore Sunderbans. This exotic resort is lavish and sometimes provides you discounted room rates too. There is also the Du Sai, in Srimangal which is another resort and reportedly the first 5 start hotel in Bangladesh located outside of Dhaka. There is also the Wilderness Resort that is located in the Sylhet hills, where you can get a fantastic view of mango and jackfruit trees. If you love nature and have been planning to explore Sylhet whilst your stay, then this resort is the best place that you can count on!

The ancient Buddhist Sites:

Bangladesh is known for its ancient sites. So if you are someone who travels with a spiritual bent of mind, then you can plan and visit Paharpur, which is the second largest Buddhist Monastery in the south of Himalayas. And even though the site is almost in ruins, it is nothing less than impressive to visit this place and take some great photographs.

In addition to that, Bangladesh comes with other tourist sites and attractions like the Srimangal Tea Estate, the Dhanmondi Lake, the Dhakeshwari Temple, Shishu Park and the scenic Chittagong Hill Tracts. In addition to that, you can also experience the shopping scene which is growing with every passing day and bag that special Dhakai Jamdani sari. So all you have to do now is opt-in for your cheap flights to Dhaka, Bangladesh and plan your vacation accordingly.

Your Own Dhaka Food Guide

Your Own Dhaka Food Guide

Tell anyone that you are planning a tour to Dhaka city in Bangladesh and you’ll find several suggestions thrown to you! Some would ask you to shop from a particular place whilst the rest would suggest you on your accommodation. However, if you mention that you want to travel within your budget, then the obvious suggestion that you must heed is to book your cheap flights to Dhaka, Bangladesh from a reputed online travel website beforehand so that you are able to get good deals and offers. However, one of the key ingredients of every travel is food.

Wish someone could guide you on that? The new age mobile apps will provide you several names for eateries and restaurants that you can select from. However, getting to know the platters that you must savor when in Dhaka city, will take some work! So here we provide you with some of the main Bangladeshi platters that you can taste whilst your vacation.

Have Morog Polao in Nanna Biriani:

This is the restaurant that you can count on for the best Morog Pulao. Simply put, this dish is a Bangladeshi delicacy that is usually served during a wedding reception or traditional family occasions. However, the Nanna Biriani restaurant situated at Old Dhaka will allow you to taste it. The pulao is rice cooked with chicken in a very delectable way with chunky pieces of chicken. This dish will be served to you along with a special drink named “Bohrani” and it comes within your budget as well.

Don’t miss out on the popular Bhuna Khichuri from Ghoroa Restaurant:

If you’ve told your friends that you are visiting Dhaka, then by now you must have got this platter as a suggestion! A popular food platter in entire Bangladesh, Bhuna Khichuri is made of meat, dal and rice. You can select beef or chicken based on your choice. Rice gets cooked here with the dal in a dry way that is tasty. It is not very spicy and at Ghoroa Restaurant, you always have the chance to customize the taste you want to. You can have this either as a lunch or a dinner platter. The platter comes within your budget as well and is consumed by the Bangladeshi’s hugely as well.

Savour tasty grilled chicken at Chhayanir:

If you happen to be a chicken lover, then you will be surprised that Bangladesh has some of the best options in chicken platters. One of the popular ones is grilled chicken that you can get to taste the best taste in Chhayanir. And here the taste is better than any other restaurant and you are served the grilled chicken with special bread. This is a very small shop but it enables you to taste authentic grilled chicken that you will love to savor.

Don’t miss out on beef steak at Mukta Biriani:

For the ones who love to savor the steak and has a special love for beef, can have their taste buds relished in Bangladesh at the Mukta Bairani. Here you will have the chance to taste the best platter of beef steak which is prepared with aromatic spices and comes within a pocket-friendly price. This restaurant is situated close to the Goran Tempu stand. You can ask the locals for the direction to this restaurant and you will be directed well. That aside, this restaurant also has other beef preparations that you can opt-in for whilst you are grabbing for a quick bite on your sightseeing.

Enjoy Kacchi Biriyani from Sunami Restora:

If you are in Bangladesh, Biriyani is one platter that you must opt-in for and from one of the best restaurants. The Sunami Restora is one place that deserves special mention it’s about Kacchi Biriyani. Here the rice is cooked in a tasty way with mutton. This is one of the best treats that you can savor in Dhaka. Situated at the Jhigtola Bus Stand at Dhanmondi, this restaurant serves the platter to you at a pocket-friendly price. That aside, you can also ask for other menu options that are popular in this restaurant.

In addition to these, you can also explore the best cafeterias in Dhaka. So get your cheap flights to Dhaka, Bangladesh and get set to experience these five delightful Dhaka platters within your budget.

Here’s why you must consider a nature vacation in Chittagong?

Here’s why you must consider a nature vacation in Chittagong?

When you want to zone out completely from the chaos of daily life, then it’s not just time for a vacation, but a nature vacation or a nature retreat. If you are concerned about the costs of a trip here then you might like to explore the possibility of equity release. Many people find it to be a very useful way of funding their travel across the world once they have reached a certain age. You might like to try this equity release calculator to see if this is right for you. Nothing rejuvenates the mind, body and soul like nature. And when you are searching for the most befitting destination, then you certainly can count on Bangladesh and its cities. And one of the best cities to opt in for is Chittagong.

Popular amidst the locals as well as foreign travelers, Chittagong is the place to be when you want to explore Nature’s bounty. Here in this city, you will get the much required calm, peace and serenity that you need to feel completely rejuvenated. And other than the common places to explore here you can visit many other places as well. However, for the ones who want to travel within their budget, can book the cheap flights to Chittagong and make the most of the savings and travel with ease. Here are some of the places to visit that you can count in.

Visit the Foy’s Lake:

This is one of the scenic destinations in the city. The theme parks that are present here offer a stunning backdrop that is encompassed by the towering hills, a calm lake, lavish green dense forests that is situated at the Pahartoli that expands to almost 320 acres. Furthermore, when you are exploring this city you will come across amazing rivers, seaside locales, intertwining valleys, dense forests and towering hills. This is the best place where you will love to take the chance to take a stroll and soak in the refreshing air. If you love taking pictures then this city is the one to count on for the best frames. So you can go ahead and take a chance with your lens.

Head to the Risang Waterfall:

If you love to enjoy the rocks and water, then the Risang Waterfall is going to be one of the best places for you to explore. Situated at a distance of 3kms from the west of Alutila tourism centre, this place is best if you are a nature love. Here you will have the chance to have a look at 2 waterfalls. You also have the chance to walk around the waterfall and also take a shower. Alternatively, you can also look at it from a distance. The main aim is to be adequately clothed. Mountain shoes are the best shoe to wear when you decide to explore this waterfall along the comfortable clothing of your choice. The forest trails and the hilly rocks will have you enticed totally. What you are going to enjoy most here is the sound of the waterfall accompanied by the sight of the white foamy water crashing down the rocks. If you love to photograph scenic frames whilst your travel then you shouldn’t be missing out on this one!

Bashkhali Sea Beach:

A trip to Chittagong is actually incomplete if you don’t add this to your travel list! So make it a point to head to the Banshkhali Sea Beach. This scenic spot is popular for its natural jewels. Furthermore, this beach also has got an eco-park, lavish green tea gardens along with the best wildlife sanctuaries to look out for. This place is slightly off the mark and the travelers here would want to move away from the generic sites to visit and would love to be at a place like this. The beach here measures up to 35 km long. This makes it a great option for walking along the beach and soaking in the freshness. Also if you want you can also rest a while here and if you are visiting this place with your family or dear ones, this makes it a good place to spend some quality time together.

These are the top 5 places in Chittagong that you should not miss at all. Chittagong has many other scenic natural spots to explore for travelers who love to be amidst nature! However, these three spots are popular amongst the local as well as the foreign travelers. So if you are mulling on visiting these places, all you have to do is browse online and book your cheap flights to Chittagong and plan your vacation.

Popular Dhaka Sites for Travelers from USA

Popular Dhaka Sites for Travelers from USA

The capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka is located close to the Buriganga River and today is thriving in terms of its economy as well as the standard of life in general. This city used to be the 17th century Mughal capital of Bengal. Naturally, there are a host of mosques and palaces to explore here. Travelers from the USA will have a world to explore here that comprises of churches, ancient tourist spots, temples, shopping malls, eateries and the like. However, travelers who are keen on traveling within their budget can start by booking cheap flights to Dhaka, Bangladesh from USA available online and add to their savings.

Here are the best and popular tourist sites to explore!

Dhakeshwari Temple:

This temple has a slight resemblance to the popular Dhakineshwar Temple in West Bengal! However, the Dhakeshwari Temple in Dhaka dates back 1200 years in time. It is a Hindu temple that has been created by Mangat Ray, who was also called Ballalasena, who is also the younger brother of the Arakanese King, Shri Sudharma. The temple structure is in the traditional “Athchala” type and it also has a garden which adds to the scenic beauty of the temple complex.

Lalbagh Fort:

A sightseeing excursion to Dhaka isn’t complete without having a glimpse of this fort. The popular Lalbagh Fort dates back to 17th century and is incomplete. The construction of this fort was initiated by Prince Mohammed Azam and was handed over to the then govern of the city, known as Shaista Khan so that it could be completed. However, Shaista Khan was unable to complete the creation of this fort owing to the sad demise of his daughter Pari Bibi, who tomb too is located within the fort. Tourists can also have a look at the small museum that is located inside and that showcases Mughal calligraphy and paintings in addition to the firearms and swords.

Khan Mohammad Mridha’s Mosque:

If you are a history buff then this is one site that is worth watching! Constructed way back in 1706, this popular Mughal tourist site has slight similarity with the Lalbagh Fort, but still retains its own individuality. The site is constructed on a raised platform and is up a flight of 25 stairs. There are 3 squat domes that come with pointed minarets at every corner and excellently pervades the rectangular roof.  This is a perfect place for photographers to capture some of the best frames.

Ahsan Manzil:

This is yet another name that is associated with Dhaka! The site dates back to 1872 and has been established in an ancient French factory by the prominent Nawab Abdul Gani, who was the richest landowner in the city. After 16 years of the construction of this site, a tornado had ravaged this site. However, there were earnest initiatives taken to reconstruct this site soon after and today it still happens to hold on to all the glory and beauty to which it has been created. Many locals and foreign visitors visit this site.

Armenian Church:

Dhaka is also a city where one can come across of churches! The Armenian Church is a popular tourist site that travelers from the USA would love to explore. This church is situated in what is known as Armanitola, which refers to the Armenian colony. It is said that the Armenians had settled in this city back in the 17th century. Though the Armenian community is almost extinct in Dhaka, this church still gets counted as one of the popular tourist attractions in the city. Dating back to 1781, this church is a vortex of peace and serenity for anyone who seeks it.

Tara Masjid:

Also known as the Star Mosque, the Tara Masjid is a popular mosque in the city! This mosque dates back to the 18th century. As you walk to this mosque you will find that its walls are embellished with mosaic stars. Initially, it was established in the traditional Mughal pattern, having four towers in the corner. However, the mosque had undergone other changes later.

These are some of the popular sites that tourists from the USA would love to explore in Dhaka. If you are from the USA and want to visit this city, get your cheap flights to Dhaka, Bangladesh from USA and enjoy your vacation.