Top 6 Reasons You should Plan a Trip to Bangladesh

Top 6 Reasons You should Plan a Trip to Bangladesh

A developing economy and a country that has some of the best ancient structures, Bangladesh has been welcoming tourists and travelers from all around the globe. For travelers willing to travel within their budget can opt-in for cheap airlines to Bangladesh and save more. And if you are wondering the reasons to visit this city, here are 6 reasons for you.

A melting pot of world religion:

Presently Bangladesh is a Muslim country. However, over many years the Bangladeshi’s has witnessed several faith traditions. When you visit Dhaka, you can decide to explore ancient mosques, the Hindu temples such as Dhakeshwari Temple and also the Roman Catholic Churches. The sites of worship in this country are actually ancient buildings that have both religious and historical significance for the locals as well as travelers. The Christian churches here belong to the country’s colonial past. The ancient mosques form a part of the Islamic dynasty. So if you are a history buff you will love this country.

Get to see the elephants and tigers:

If you love wildlife then this country will cater to your choice. You can opt-in for a wildlife safari that other than the tour comprises of expert guides, transportation, meals and ample time for travelers to take photographs.  Khulna region located towards the southern part of the country is popular for the Royal Bengal Tiger. In addition to that, you will get to see the wild elephants as well.

A country of stunning architecture:

Here the city Panam dates back to 19th century and once used to be occupied by the Hindu cloth merchants. The residences here mirror the exquisite colonial architecture with its Corinthian columns. Visitors can have a look at the other tourists visiting the place along with the local residents. You can also have a look at the children playing in and around the site. If you want you can get yourself a fresh coconut juice from the nearby street vendor you can. In addition to that, there is the Lalbagh Fort that is a stunning archaeological complex situated centrally at Dhaka. This is a park where you can spend some time with your friends and family. Here sometimes school children are seen to enjoy their lunch break. Here the pink buildings date back to the 17th century under the Mughal dynasty. Make a visit during early morning to get the best light conditions for taking pictures.

Enjoy the spices:

If you love to relish flavourful dishes, then when you are in Bangladesh, you can visit the Karwan Bazar which will be a complete delight. Here you will come across some of the best assortment of spices and it happens to be a fast-paced marketplace. The old and fermented spices are popular. The authentic spices here get pre-packaged and then are sold in the paper. You can also pack a couple of extra bags of spices and take home.

Enjoy shopping in Bangladesh:

For this, you have to be in Dhaka, which is one of the biggest malls in Asia. It is Bashundhara City that is situated on the Pantha Path. This provides you everything right from the fast food choices to embellished attires for garments. When you are shopping here don’t keep the standards of Zara and H&M. Here you will find that majority of the stores are owned privately and they showcase vibrant colored local fashion wears. However, whatever you buy from Bashundhara City will be slightly higher in price than the ones you get in the street markets.

However, if you want to explore a slice of the local life and adventure, then you can head to Gausia New Market and bargain. This is close to Dhaka College. The tourist guidebooks most of the time gives this place a mention, however, only a few tourists explore this place. Also, decide for yourself as to what you want to pay for as you start haggling and also be willing to walk away. However, if you put forward a fair price, chances are the seller is going to say yes to it. If you want to purchase the best souvenirs and gifts then this is the best place.

If you have time you could also visit the best churches in Bangladesh. So all you have to do is opt-in for cheap airline tickets Bangladesh and make the most of it.

Popular Archaeological Sites to Explore in Bangladesh

Popular Archaeological Sites to Explore in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is known for its developing economic conditions and existing ancient sites. This country is popular for its vast archaeological sites that might interest the history buffs and photographers as well. So if you want to opt-in for a budget tour to the country, then you can select cheap airlines to Bangladesh from the best online travel websites.

Here are some of the popular sites you can explore:


This is one popular hilly region with a height of 15m and is located in Comilla district. Standing at a north to south territorial alignment, it has a stretch that expands more than 17km and also has an average breadth of 2.5km. At multiple junctions of the slope, there are several ancient ruins that include the Vihara and the Stupa. And in addition to this, there are a couple of ruins that are composed of fossilized wood. Here you will come across both Buddhist and Hindu sculptures, objects for daily use, metallic coins, potteries, metallic utensils, seals and ceilings, carved bricks, copper plates and many more.

The ground is stylistic which dates back to 7th and 13th century AD. According to the scholars, that here there are also the ancient remnants of the south-east Bengali capital named “Devaparvata”. It is located at a corner of the mountain range. In addition to that, there’s yet another capital named the “Jaykarmantavasaka” located at a close-by corner of the Mainamati-Lalmai Hill Range.  You can also find an archaeological museum here along with a resting house located in the Salvana village that comprises of the middlemost point of the Mainamati-Lalmai Hill Range.

The Kantajew Temple:

Even though the country has a huge population of Muslim residents, Bangladesh comes with its best Hindu Temples. If you are fond of temple architecture you can opt-in for this. One of the sites that you can visit here is the Kantajew Temple. Located at a distance of 19.32 kms towards the northern side of Dinajpur, this temple dates back to 1752. It was built by Maharaja Pran Nath and originally was a Navaratna Temple. Every part of this temple structure has been decorated in a lavish manner with multiple scenes the way it was demonstrated in the Hindu Great Epics. There are also structures of multiple Hindu divine figures, floral and geometric motifs and also carvings that depict the social life of that time. Travelers can start their journey by checking the monument in Dinajpur town or even at the Sayedpur Airport via car or any other motor vehicle.


Located in the village Mahasthan at the Bogra district, this vast site is representative of the remains of an old city that dates back to the 4th and 14th century. The site is almost oblong in shape and is surrounded by tall ramparts having a thick brick wall core at several places. Furthermore, its entrenched on every side that in a way secured the eastern side where there is the Karatoya River flowing back in history. Till date, this fort has the remains of the ancient stupas, temples, mosques, residential complexes and tombs that are randomly located.

In addition to that, there is a vast spread of moveable antiquities that also have coins, roulette ware, silver copper cast coins without any inscriptions, black and red ware, black slipped ware, terracotta plaques, several sculptures, daily use objects, semi-precious stones and many more. Here the site that grabs maximum attention is the Brahmi Inscriptional slab that dates back to the 3rd century BC. In and around the fort for almost 8kms other than the eastern suburb, there are several ancient mounds as well as reservoirs. There’s also a very small museum site and a serene rest-house close to the north-eastern side. There’s a team of a mission of French experts has been constantly working on this place for a long time. The attempt is to be able to decipher the history owing to an agreement with the Bangladesh Government.

So all you have to do now is get your discounted airfare. The online agencies today have come up airfare to Bangladesh from any place around the globe. For instance, you can opt-in for the flights from Canada to Dhaka and also search how to travel and explore Bangladesh like a local.

A Basic Guidance to Visit Bangladesh

Bangladesh is known to offer more sights and unique travel experiences. From the popular UNESCO pre-Mughal mosques to the tea estates at Srimangal, there’s plenty to explore here. But what you will really remember from this country, are the amicable human experiences. And if you are a budget traveler, then you can simply opt-in for the cheap flights to Bangladesh that is available online today.

Whilst planning for your travel, you can simply opt-in for the Cox’s Bazaar, which can be described as a long beach with an almost never-ending stretch of the gentle sand. You can simply visit this beach and spend long hours either gazing at the waves or taking an idle walk on the sides of the beach.

Many people start their Bangladesh travel from Dhaka! It’s one of the busy, sprawling cities which is the capital of Bangladesh. So if you are all set to visit the old town of Dhaka, you can simply be there at the Shakari Bazar and have a local experience of the site. Here you can opt-in for an amicable discussion with the friendliest and lively people around. The best time to be there is early morning. Else if it’s the weekend you will have a chance to get to interact with the crowds in the morning, before the scene becomes too busy. The best way is to take a rickshaw ride and travel through the narrow old town streets.

Also if you love to explore a place by feet, then a walking tour of Dhaka is one of the best things to opt in for. This is organized by the popular Urban Study Group which is all set to secure the ancient buildings in Dhaka. Some of the best tours happen during Holi, where you can explore the city amidst the colors. Other than being educated on the ancient sites and temples, you also get to enjoy the fun that happens on the day of Holi.

The ideal way to explore this old town is by compressed natural gas auto-rickshaw. You have to ask them to use the meter for this. Dhaka’s traffic is troublesome. Hence, you need to plan your city in such as way that you aren’t stuck for the longest times.

Though the rocket steamer might not be the best way to travel, it is one of the most soothing modes of a commute. Bangladesh has several rivers. The rocket steamer is a fabulous way to explore the city by water. Even if you want to save more, but if you are traveling from Dhaka to Khulna, you can have access to the front side of the boat and get to travel with other travelers as well. You can simply get the chairs outside and gaze Dhaka pass by with the scenes of villages, fishermen and also the brickmaking operations. The water levels are low here. So you can decide to exit at Pirojpur. From here you can take a bus to Khulna.

However, a word of advice here! Many people fret if it is safe to travel in Bangladesh on a boat. There is some scary news about the boat sinking. But the rocket steamer is a safe and great way of traveling. Stay a little aware of the public river ferry transport choices.

The other site to explore here is the Sunderbans, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is one of the biggest tidal mangrove forests and is a huge tourist attraction in the country. If you have a fondness for nature and wildlife, don’t forget to add this to your itinerary. Majority of the journeys happen from Sunderbans depart of from Khulna and it travels on the east and south side alongside the multiple streams and rivers, on the way to the Bay of Bengal. As soon as you depart from Khulna, the several towns, villages and fishermen fade away. When you are in Sunderbans, the crocodiles, deer, birds and wild boar are what you will get to see. Also, the popular Royal Bengal Tiger is a sight to see here.  Carry your camera here to get the best pictures.

Young travelers visit Bangladesh more than ever today. So all you have to do is opt-in for the cheap airlines to Bangladesh and plan your tour.

Visit the Best Churches in Bangladesh

Visit the Best Churches in Bangladesh

When it comes to Bangladesh there’s a gamut of tourist attractions that you can explore! The country is a melting pot of Hindu, Muslim and Christianity. Hence, other than the mosques and temples you also have access to the best churches as well. Today, there are tourists who love to conduct a budget tour to this country to explore the best churches. For this, there’s always an option for cheap airlines to Bangladesh from the online travel agencies that will help travelers to travel within their budget.

And once you have done that you can simply take a look at the best churches the country has and make your church sightseeing list accordingly. Here are some of the popular choices to select from:

1. Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Cathedral, Chittagong:

The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary is one popular church that belongs to the Catholic Church order located in Chittagong. This church happens to the seat of cathedra of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chittagong. The cathedral that is present has been established during the time of the British era. It was in 1933 when the last church renovation took place. However, the church is majestic and still holds on to its British elements.

2. Mary’s Cathedral, Dhaka:

Also known as the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, the St. Mary’s Cathedral is situated in Kakrail, Ramna Road in Dhaka. The church building is in the traditional Catholic Church pattern and was created way back in 1965. According to the Latin or Roman rite, this church is considered to be Metropolitan Archdiocese of Dhaka. This is one of the two popular churches that is situated in Dhaka city, with St.Thomas being the other one that is of the Anglican Church order. This church is attributed to Virgin Mary and her connection to the Immaculate Conception.

3. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Dinajpur:

The popular Roman Catholic Diocese of Dinajpur is a popular church worth exploring that is situated in Dinajpur District, at the Rajshahi Division, at the Ecclesiastical province of Dhaka in the country. This church got created of the Diocese of Dinajpur from Diocese of Krishnagar. Simple and ornate, this church is known for its fine architecture and several ancient facts that you can discover once you walk into the church.

4. Joseph’s Cathedral, Khulna:

Also known by the name of Khulna Cathedral, the St.Joseph’s Cathedral is a prominent Catholic Church situated in Babu Khan Road. Khulna is also known as the third-biggest city in Bangladesh.  This church dates back to 1956 and follows the Latin or Roman rite. The church presently is said to be under the pastoral accountability of Bishop James Romen Boiragi. The church has an ambiance of peace and serenity that rubs on you in a pleasant manner, as you walk in.

These apart few other noteworthy churches that you can opt-in for include names like:

  • Patrick’s Cathedral in Mymensingh
  • St Thomas’ Church in Dhaka
  • Church of the Divine Mercy in Moulvibazar, pro-cathedral of Sylhet
  • St John’s Cathedral in Kushtia
  • Cathedral of Christ the Redeemer in Rajshahi

Few pointers before visiting the churches in Bangladesh:

The principal churches in the country are located in the popular cities of Dhaka, Sylhet and Chittagong. There are other churches too in other districts that you can explore based on your travel plan and convenience.

However, prior to opting in for church sightseeing you need to gather sufficient information about the same. For instance, it could some church are permanently closed and are open during significant occasions. It’s better to know this than visiting and returning back. Also, every church has a mass-time, during visitors can walk in but no photography is allowed. So you can check in during a mass, attend the prayer session and then take a stroll around the church and discover its multiple facets. You can also get talking with the church people and Father to derive information that you need.

So all you have to do now is simply opt-in for the discounted airline tickets to Bangladesh, make a list of the churches you want to explore and have all travel experience to enjoy in Bangladesh.

Why are travelers resorting to budget traveling round the globe?

Why are travelers resorting to budget traveling round the globe?

Today the world has changed in several ways! There’s a shift in our lifestyles, our way of viewing life and even the experiences we want to have when we are traveling. Since earlier traveling used to be once in a year activity, most people would count on the lavish hotels and the best flight deals to have a luxurious stay. However, the way of travelling today has undergone a drastic change. We all want to look good on our travels, I guess that’s why designer luggage is a must-have. Today, the frequency of traveling has increased to a great extent. Thanks to the discounted online flight deals that have made that possible! So for instance, if you wish to be in Bangladesh within your budget you have the option to select from the best deals on cheap flights to Bangladesh from the online travel agencies and save big!

However, that doesn’t really answer the question as to why there has been a shift in the mentality of travelers to opt-in for budget traveling? Discussed below are the possible causes for the same.

More for less:

This is one of the popular mindset of people and travelers as well! Everyone wants to avail more for less. Since the frequency of traveling has increased exponentially as compared to what it used to be even a decade back, budget tours allow a person to make more tours in one year. It also allows people to travel further afield, exploring different countries they may not have got a chance to in previous years. Many businesses have now followed this trend by offering discounts on accommodation (visit as an example). Similarly, when it comes to the airfare deals, today some of the best travel agencies have come up with discounted multi-city tours along with round tours. Hence, for an avid traveler, this is a huge benefit. For instance, if you wish to explore Sylhet, Chittagong and Dhaka and get discounted airfare on all three cities, chances are you would love to say yes to this multi-city tour.

Explore like a local than a traveler:

Tourists today want to experience a city or a country just like a local than a tourist in some watertight compartment. Since a huge section of our travelers, today are youth, they love the experience of interacting with the locals, opting in for the budget public conveyance systems and many more. A budget opens up several channels for travelers to have a rather elusive tour experience where they can feel the pulse of a city or a country and discover the essence of it. In addition to that, the budget tour travel packages to are gaining prominence.

Budget accommodations on offer:

In the recent times, there has been the emergence of several budget accommodations! This has enabled people to say yes to budget tours as well. Other than the previously existing tourist lodges and guest houses, today there are hostels for travelers and students as well. In addition to that, there are several travel websites and apps, from where travelers and tourists are able to book a homestay of their choice. As search results, there are also choices for discounted and cheap hotels that travelers can select from.

The attraction to save money:

This probably is one of the biggest reasons as to why there’s an increase in the percentage of budget tours and travelers. In this world where expenses are always on the rise, people are searching for popular deals and ways to save money. In addition to that being able to save money in flight and accommodation, means being able to spend on other activities during a vacation. This could range from anything from exploring the local food or opting in for a multi-cuisine menu at a lavish hotel and also taking a look at the local buys and souvenirs.

Extend the vacation:

When you are staying in a lavish accommodation, you will probably think twice prior to extending your vacation. Mostly because of the cost factor! However, when you are opting in for a budget tour, extending one day or a couple of days more is not going to be that costly. This is one of the primary reasons as to why most travelers want to plan their tour to Bangladesh or any other city in an affordable manner.

When you travel within your budget, you say yes to some of the best travel experiences to enjoy in Bangladesh or any other country. If you intend to opt in for a budget tour to Bangladesh, then opt-in for the cheap airlines’ tickets Bangladesh and save more.