Explore the Bangladesh National Museum

Explore the Bangladesh National Museum

As a country, Bangladesh has some of the best tourist sites and attractions to explore! Over the years the country has evolved in a way that today most global tourists and travelers have been visiting this country annually. Other than ancient and historical tourist spots, the country has some of the best museums as well. And one of the popular names here is the Bangladesh National Museum which is visited by locals and international travelers alike. And if you want your tour to be within your budget, then all you need to do is opt-in for discounted airline tickets to Bangladesh, that will help you save more.

The Bangladesh National Museum:

The museum is very well structured and showcases multiple departments such as history, classical art, ethnography, natural history and contemporary and global civilization. You will also find a high-end conservation laboratory in the museum. Nalini Kanta Bhattasali is the one who was the curator of the museum between 1914 and 1947.

A brief history of the museum:

This museum initially got created way back on 20th March 1913. It was then known as Dhaka Museum. The site was inaugurated back on August 7th, 1913 by none other than Thomas Gibson-Carmichael, who was the Bengal governor. Back in July 1915, this museum was passed on to the ownership of Najib-Nazim of Dhaka. This museum was established via the integration of the Dhaka Museum. The site is situated in Shahbag, Dhaka.

Exploring the museum:

The Ground Floor:

The museum’s ground floor comprises of ancient guns right at the entrance. There’s a hall where tourists book their tickets. Sometimes people gather here to know more about the museum’s history. The hall also has an elaborate staircase. Close to the hall, you will come across smaller rooms which look like small halls.

As you walk into the 1st floor, you will realize that it has 22 rooms. In the 1st room, you will come across large displays of a map that highlights Bangladesh map along with 64 districts. When you step into the second room you might find that under construction. However, you will also find here a huge statue of a Royal Bengal Tiger. Between the 3rd and the 10th room, you will get to see the natural beauties that the country posses. One of the popular items here is a whale’s tongue, which attracts great attention. Between the 10th and 22nd room, you will come across ancient relics that belong to Bengal till the year 1900. In one of the rooms, you will come across boats that have been used by many rural people.

From here when you walk up to the second floor you will come across pictures of popular people. Here the Bangladesh Liberation War is also showcased. The Language Movement of 1952 has also been highlighted. You will come across posters which were a part of the war. There are two libraries you can explore and a torture machine that you can have a look at.

When you walk up to the 3rd floor you will come across images of scientists, artists, politicians, popular pictures and many more. There are four global galleries as well, namely Swiss, Iranian, Korean and Chinese.

If you love history this museum has several artifacts for you to explore. Here you will come across wooden, metal and stone sculptures. There are silver and gold coins as well. You will also find copper plates, stone inscriptions, terracotta artifacts and other archaeological artifacts. In addition to that, this museum has one of the biggest collections of armor and arms in the entire Indian subcontinent. The decorative art collection of the museum deserves special attention. You can also have a look at the metal work, embroidered quilts and the woodwork. Furthermore, this museum is known for its collection by the popular Shibacharya Zairul Abedin and also his works on new age artists. This museum in its own way also demonstrates the struggle that had taken place during freedom battle, resulting in the liberation of the country.

So all you have to do is opt-in for the cheap airlines to Bangladesh and make the most of your budget tour to Bangladesh. In addition to exploring the museum, you can also explore other tourist sites and attractions in the city.