The tourism industry in Bangladesh is shaping up well. Dhaka, the capital city is known for its ancient charm and new age finesse. The city also has a touch of the Muslim rule. The past echoes the reign of Mughal kings and Nawabs who have left their imprint in the city. It can be felt when you walk into the old mosques. Even though the walls are old and the Nawabs are no way to be found, but an element of the Muslim grandeur and delicacy is ever present. Want to explore this aspect of Dhaka city? If yes, then you can simply go ahead and book your cheap flights to Dhaka available online these days. Choose well and get yourself the best deal possible.

Now that you’ve booked your airfare, you probably are spoilt for choices in terms of the mosques to explore. You can always keep adding to your list. You might start to explore the Bangladesh Museum. However, a smart call is to start with these 3 names discussed below that are known for its popularity and glory. So here goes:

1. Be there at the ancient Star Mosque:

This is one old marvellous mosque in Dhaka. A complete must-visit if you love historical tours. It is situated in Mahuttuly on Abul Khairat. Speaking of the mosque’s architecture it has been created in the traditional Mughal style. As you explore you will come across the 5 domes it has with numerous small and large shimmering decorative stars. These small star decorations have been created by using precious chinaware pieces on white cement. Take a look at it closely! And you’ll be able to notice the delicate beauty it has been embodying for years. The inner decor of this mosque is splendid in comparison to the exterior. It has an outstanding mosaic floor and tiles in addition to numerous floral patterns that is carved on wall. This mosque was established originally having just 3 domes 18th century, by none other than Mirza Ghulam Pir, a famous Zamindar in Dhaka.

2. Visit the popular Sat Gambuj Mosque:

The popular Sat Gambuj Mosque is located near the outskirts of Dhaka. To be precise it in the north-west side in Jafarbad region. This mosque demonstrates a stunning example of the provincial Mughal prototype of the structural design that got introduced in Bangladesh, way back in the 17th century. The most outstanding characteristics of this mosque are its 7 huge domes that crown the top of the mosque and also cover the central prayer hall. According to available historical records, this ancient site got created by prominent Governor Shaista Khan. Furthermore, this ancient mosque has been composed of a huge range of shapes, for instance, rectangle, square octagon and circle which has been paired beautifully. You will come across 4 hollow-double storey domed corner towers. This is what gives the mosque its name.

3. Hussaini Dalan Mosque:

The Hussaini Dalan mosque originally was established during the Mughal era way back in 17th century. This mosque was established as a House of Imam that belonged to the Shia community. That is not all.  This popular ancient site also acts as the primary Hussainiya of Dhaka or a place for gatherings that used to occur during the time of Muharram. Created on a high-raised platform, this site is actually an extended rectangular building that comprises four simple and elegant cabins, which is located in the corner. In addition to that, there also happens to be a gateway towards the northern side from where you can walk into the building and also take a look at the stonework water tank that is placed at the building’s southern side. Furthermore, this mosque blends in both British and Mughal architectural patterns.

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