Traveling from Canada to Dhaka? Here are the best things to do whilst your stay

Traveling from Canada to Dhaka? Here are the best things to do whilst your stay

Bangladesh today is a point of tourist interest for many. There are people from India and other neighboring countries visiting this city frequently round the year. In the recent times, there has been a huge influx of travelers from Canada visiting Dhaka city, for a week, weekend and even a fortnight. There are plenty of scenic and tourist attractions that this city has for travelers to explore. The climate can be a tad bit of a problem, given the fact that travelers arriving from Canada will have to face the heat and humidity. This is a stark contrast to the cooler climate that Canada is known to have. However, if planned meticulously, one can avert the heat by traveling during the winter months.

Book your airfare early:

Just in case you have decided to fly down to Dhaka from Canada during the cooler months, you will have to book your airfare well ahead of time. This is because the cooler months are actually the peak season for Dhaka. So you might not get the best deals when you decide to book your airfare at the last moment. Hence, a smart call is to book your discounted flights from Canada to Dhaka much early and add to your savings.

Things to do in Dhaka:

After booking your discounted airfare in Dhaka, you can decide on all the things that you want to do whilst your stay. Here are a few ideas to add to your list.

 1.Check out the colonial architecture:

Dhaka isn’t about slums and dilapidated factories. The city has some of the best colonial architecture that you can explore. If you love to explore ancient sites and buildings that boast stunning architecture, Dhaka has plenty of it. For instance, take a look at the National Assembly Building. This building was designed by Louis Kahn, the popular American architect back in 1960’s. This building can be viewed at its best from Lake Road where you get a reflection of the site on the surrounding moat. Don’t miss out on this one.

 2.Enjoy the city markets:

Dhaka is all about its people and the life that you get to explore on the streets. One of the best ways to explore the city’s essence is by being able to explore the city markets. One of the best picks is the Kawran Bazaar. This is a popular wholesale market that has been in existence since the 17th century. From vegetables, fruit and fish to other things, the market provides you with all that you need. However, space is noisy and crowded as well. You can have a look at the massive cauliflowers being carried to the chicken that is being processed.  The local people are what add to the enigmatic charm of this place. On the sides of the market, you will come across the stalls that sell textiles and spices as well.  So take some time out and explore this market. You can also take as many pictures as you want.

 3.Make sure that you eat like a local in Dhaka:

When you are traveling food is an integral part. The food of a city lets you know about its people and their love they have to make platters. It also lets you know the popular edibles of the city. People in Bangladesh simply love dal. This is a simple lentil dish. And when it is prepared there are many other ingredients also used such as chilli, garlic and turmeric. Dal is served with almost every meal and it is always cooked in the most delicious manner. Usually, the platter includes dal, omelet, rice and mashed potatoes. In some platters, there’s bhetki, that is coral fish is also added. The city also offers seafood lovers several options. You can feast to the deliciously cooked tilapia and hilsa along with the parsha fish and prawns. These fishes are either eaten fried or completely cooked. In terms of eateries, the best place to go is Saltz Seafood Restaurant where you can eat the haji biriyani.

Today, young travelers visit Bangladesh more than ever today. However, if you are planning to visit Dhaka, book your cheap flights to Dhaka and indulge in the above-mentioned activities.

Are you visiting Dhaka from USA? Here’s what you must keep in mind!

Are you visiting Dhaka from USA? Here’s what you must keep in mind!

Traveling today has become a way of life! Travelers are on a spree to explore unknown countries and cities. And in the recent times, Bangladesh has gained importance as a travel destination. People from multiple parts of the country are all set to visit Bangladesh and explore its cities. In the recent times, many travelers settled in the USA have shown interest in visiting Bangladesh and explore the city of Dhaka. The journey will be for a long duration. So as you plan your tour here’s what you ought to keep in mind.

Stay on your budget:

If you are a budget traveler or you want to stick to a budget whilst traveling, then today you have options to plan your trip accordingly. There are many online travel agencies that enable you to select from their best flight deals. So you can simply browse through the discounted flights from USA to Dhaka from a specialized online travel agency and this will enable you to save more.

Carry your Visa:

You will need to have your tourist visa and an authentic passport. Keep it secure and ensure that you don’t lose it.

Be prepared to face the heat and humidity:

When you are traveling from the USA to Dhaka, the stark contrast that you will face the moment you land in the country is the climate. Bangladesh is known for its heat and humidity. So it’s always better to travel during the winter months. But that seems to be peak season and you might not get a good discount on flights or hotels. However, if you plan your trip a little ahead of the winter or in the slightly pleasant months between September and October, you will be able to escape the extreme scorching heat.

But just in case you have selected a summer month to visit and explore Bangladesh, carry light clothing. This will help you to travel light and be comfortable whilst the sightseeing.

Be aware of the vaccinations:

Traveling across borders means experiencing physical changes as well! And when it’s Bangladesh that you’re visiting from the USA, you will have to take a note into these aspects. So check out the vaccinations available for Hepatitis A fever and typhoid fever. Some doctors will also suggest getting the vaccination for Rabbies. But the best way to deal with this is to take a check of your health and understand the health issues that you normally witness when you’re traveling. Usually, travelers take vaccinations for Yellow fever in Bangladesh. But it entirely depends on your immune system. So take the guidance accordingly.

Get your travel permissions and one-day tour bookings done beforehand:

Dhaka is known for its ancient temples, churches and mosques. Some of these ancient monuments and constructions are old and probably are not in service. So for this, you might have to ask for permissions. And sometimes you need to visit few authorities or associations for the permissions. This might require time. So get these formalities done well ahead of time so that you don’t have to waste time seeking permission once you reach in Dhaka.

Be aware of currency restrictions:

If you are carrying a currency amount of USD 5000 and more, you have to declare that amount. In addition to that, you won’t be allowed to leave with an extra USD than what you have initially declared whilst you came to this country. Also, the Bangladeshi money goes above an amount of 5000 takas, and then also you won’t be allowed to move outside this country.

Few important road data to keep in mind:

  • It is important to know Bangladesh traffic goes towards the left. In the USA it is the opposite direction. So when you land in the city you might have some basic traffic adjustments to do.
  • Dhaka streets are mostly crowded and few streets are being mended presently. At the time of your sightseeing and visitations of the local markets, make sure that you walk carefully so that you don’t fall off.
  • Some drivers usually drive the road a bit aggressively. Usually, people maintain the traffic rules. But sometimes you need to be a little cautious.

Now that you are aware of these aspects, simply book cheap flights to Dhaka and explore its popular mosques and many other tourist attractions.

Booked your Flights from USA to Dhaka? Things to Explore in this City

So you’ve just booked your airfare from the USA to Dhaka. Chances are you’ve been mulling on this decision for a while now. Dhaka tourism opens you up to explore the minute nuances of the city as well as Bangladesh in large. And today, the frequency at which tourists’ and travelers are exploring Bangladesh and Dhaka has increased phenomenally. It could be the social and economic changes that the country has been witnessing over a long time.

Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh has been gaining prominence in a huge way! A city that is resided by 16 million population, that is expanding daily and also comprising of some of the best ancient tourist sites, Dhaka is a must visit if you want to experience the essence of Bangladesh as a whole.  And if you are from the USA and want to plan your travel within your budget, you can opt-in for the discounted flights from USA to Dhaka that are easily available online and get started with your budget tour to Dhaka.

Dhaka provides several tourist points of interest! If you have a day or two for Dhaka, out of your entire Bangladesh tour itinerary, then add these popular sites to your sightseeing list and start your exploration.

The Dhakeshwari Temple:

This temple is owned by the state and is about 1200 years old. Created by Mangat Ray, who was also called Ballalasena, the young brother of Shri Sudharma, the Arakanese King. Having slight resemblance with the famous Dhakshineshwar Temple in West Bengal, this temple is the center seat of Hinduism in Bangladesh and Dhaka and welcomes tourists to explore the fascinating aspects of history. The temple complex is clean and well maintained.

The Lalbagh Fort:

If you want to walk back in time in Dhaka, this site is apt. Lalbagh Fort is an incomplete fort dating back to the 17th century that was started by the popular Prince Mohammed Azam and has been given to Dhaka Shaista Khan, who was the then governor who in turn did not complete creating this fort owing to the demise of his daughter Pari Bibi. Her tomb is also found inside this fort. Inside the fort, you will also come across a very small museum that showcases ancient artifacts, such as firearms, swords along with Mughal calligraphy and paintings. This fort one of the best sites to experiment with your photography skills.

The Armenian Church:

This is an interesting tourist site in Bangladesh. Located in the Armanitola, and deriving its name from the Armenian colony that gathered in this city during the late 17th century, the Armenian Church in Dhaka will impress you with its sheer structure and architecture. The site dates back to the year 1781 and is a place where you can completely zone out from the city chaos and enjoy the serenity that this church brings with it.

The Star Mosque:

In terms of exploring the mosques in the city, the Star Mosque is a place that is a must visit. This church dates back to 18th century. The entire walls of this mosque have been decorated using mosaic stars, from which the church gets its name. Originally, this mosque was established in the typical Mughal style having the four corner towers but has been altered radically.

Other than these the popular sites also comprise of the Parliament Building and the Ahsan Manzil. So before preparing your sightseeing list all you need to do is book your cheap flights to Dhaka from the online travel agencies and travel easy.

The New Age Dhaka That You Ought to Explore:

However, all the above-listed sites were the conventional tourist points of interest that many would want to explore. But Dhaka has more to offer you. It’s exciting to check out the new age side of this city. And that you can whilst you explore cafeterias in Dhaka. This is the new craze that the city has to offer. Names like Latitude 23, North End Coffee, Butlers Chocolate Cafe and many others have impressed travelers from India as well as abroad. There’s more to these cafeterias than a delectable menu. You will love the amicable ambience and the new age, uptown feel of it.  The cost too is affordable.  You can also book cheap flights to Dhaka and explore its popular mosques.

Book Cheap Flights to Dhaka and Explore its Popular Mosques

Book Cheap Flights to Dhaka and Explore its Popular Mosques

The tourism industry in Bangladesh is shaping up well. Dhaka, the capital city is known for its ancient charm and new age finesse. The city also has a touch of the Muslim rule. The past echoes the reign of Mughal kings and Nawabs who have left their imprint in the city. It can be felt when you walk into the old mosques. Even though the walls are old and the Nawabs are no way to be found, but an element of the Muslim grandeur and delicacy is ever present. Want to explore this aspect of Dhaka city? If yes, then you can simply go ahead and book your cheap flights to Dhaka available online these days. Choose well and get yourself the best deal possible.

Now that you’ve booked your airfare, you probably are spoilt for choices in terms of the mosques to explore. You can always keep adding to your list. You might start to explore the Bangladesh Museum. However, a smart call is to start with these 3 names discussed below that are known for its popularity and glory. So here goes:

1. Be there at the ancient Star Mosque:

This is one old marvellous mosque in Dhaka. A complete must-visit if you love historical tours. It is situated in Mahuttuly on Abul Khairat. Speaking of the mosque’s architecture it has been created in the traditional Mughal style. As you explore you will come across the 5 domes it has with numerous small and large shimmering decorative stars. These small star decorations have been created by using precious chinaware pieces on white cement. Take a look at it closely! And you’ll be able to notice the delicate beauty it has been embodying for years. The inner decor of this mosque is splendid in comparison to the exterior. It has an outstanding mosaic floor and tiles in addition to numerous floral patterns that is carved on wall. This mosque was established originally having just 3 domes 18th century, by none other than Mirza Ghulam Pir, a famous Zamindar in Dhaka.

2. Visit the popular Sat Gambuj Mosque:

The popular Sat Gambuj Mosque is located near the outskirts of Dhaka. To be precise it in the north-west side in Jafarbad region. This mosque demonstrates a stunning example of the provincial Mughal prototype of the structural design that got introduced in Bangladesh, way back in the 17th century. The most outstanding characteristics of this mosque are its 7 huge domes that crown the top of the mosque and also cover the central prayer hall. According to available historical records, this ancient site got created by prominent Governor Shaista Khan. Furthermore, this ancient mosque has been composed of a huge range of shapes, for instance, rectangle, square octagon and circle which has been paired beautifully. You will come across 4 hollow-double storey domed corner towers. This is what gives the mosque its name.

3. Hussaini Dalan Mosque:

The Hussaini Dalan mosque originally was established during the Mughal era way back in 17th century. This mosque was established as a House of Imam that belonged to the Shia community. That is not all.  This popular ancient site also acts as the primary Hussainiya of Dhaka or a place for gatherings that used to occur during the time of Muharram. Created on a high-raised platform, this site is actually an extended rectangular building that comprises four simple and elegant cabins, which is located in the corner. In addition to that, there also happens to be a gateway towards the northern side from where you can walk into the building and also take a look at the stonework water tank that is placed at the building’s southern side. Furthermore, this mosque blends in both British and Mughal architectural patterns.

Are you planning travel to Dhaka from abroad destinations, such as the USA? If yes, then you have to cover a long distance. Do you also want to travel within your budget? If yes, today there are several choices you have from online travel agencies selling low priced airfare within your budget. So go ahead and select your discounted flights from USA to Dhaka from the online travel agencies and add these 3 mosques to your list and get set to visit Dhaka.

Young Travelers Visit Bangladesh More than Ever Today

Young Travelers Visit Bangladesh More than Ever Today

Travel has become a way of life today! It doesn’t just refresh the mind, but also adds a fresh perspective to mind. And to travel within your budget you don’t need to burn all corners. There are budget choices available as well. Bangladesh is one of the most coveted travel destinations amidst the youth today. There’s plenty to explore here, from the daily lifestyle of the people to the ancient sites as well as the local cuisines. And when it comes to spending within one’s budget, today young travelers have access to the cheap flights to Bangladesh from online travel agencies that enable them to spend wisely. Some even become a part of something like a private jet card program as an easier way to travel while on vacation to places like Bangladesh.

Why is the youth fascinated by Bangladesh?

Situated towards the eastern side of the Indian sub-continent on the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh is a popular South Asian country that is known for its multiple waterways as well as the lavish greenery. The three rivers, namely Jamuna, Ganga and Meghna give rise to the fertile plains. For the ones who love to travel by boat, will find Bangladesh attractive as there is plenty of scope for that. Towards the southern coast, there is the popular Sunderbans, which is a vast mangrove forest that shares its area a bit with Eastern India and is also the home ground for the Royal Bengal Tiger.

Cities visited by young travelers the most:

One of the popular cities visited by the youth today in Dhaka! Being the capital city, Dhaka welcomes huge amount of foot-fall on an annual basis. And for people who wish to travel within their specified budget often select cheap flights to Dhaka online and make their tours. This city brings you the best of everything! From the traditional Dhakai Jamdani sarees to the popular Hindu temples and Muslim mosques, Dhaka is a complete delight to explore. Two other popular cities that the youth tend to explore include Sylhet and Chittagong as well.

Interesting cities in Bangladesh to explore:

If you are a young traveler and you want to explore the country and other cities than Dhaka, Sylhet and Chittagong, then you can explore the following on your vacation as well.

  • Mymensingh This is one ancient city that is located by the side of Brahmaputra River, which has immense political and cultural history that dates back to over 200 years. So if you are a history buff, exploring this city makes complete sense.
  • Rajsahi – This is known as the silk city. Needless to say, you will have local nuances to explore here.
  • Khulna – Situated on the Rupsha River, this is a popular shrimp. In addition to that, this place can be the starting point of your exploring the Sunderbans.
  • Barisal – This city is located towards the southern side of the country and is known for its paddy growing and several rivers. The best way to reach this city is by opting in for a relaxed and slow-paced boat ride on a Rocket Steamer.
  • Rangpur One of the most important cities located in the north-west that has extensive agricultural base along with opportunities for trade and commerce.
  • Jessore This can be best described as a bustling town district. It also is a very convenient travel point from or to Kolkata. This place is popular for its jaggery amidst all other things.
  • Comilla This is a city located towards the eastern side of Bangladesh, and is mostly along the Dhaka-Chittagong Highway. Popularly called the administrative centre of the Comilla District, this city has its intrinsic tourist value as well. This is also known as the second-biggest city in east Bangladesh and is also one of the oldest cities.

Bangladesh and its new age cafeterias:

The youth today is very fond of cafeterias and themed eateries. This is exactly where Bangladesh as a country has scored high by coming up with some of the best some of the best cafeterias, especially in Dhaka, which is the capital city. Other than the best variety of coffee and tea, you also get to savor other beverage forms and also several kinds of wraps and sandwiches.

There are several types of travel experiences to enjoy in Bangladesh. All you have to do is book your discounted airfare ticket and say yes to a soulful tour.

An Overview of Present Day Bangladesh Tourism

An Overview of Present Day Bangladesh Tourism

There was a time when Bangladesh wasn’t even considered as a tourist destination! All that people across the world came to know about this country was only through alarming news reports of cyclones, floods, tragic events at garment factories and the unending political strife. However, this is not the situation now. The country has experienced a 360-degree change in the way the world sees it now and which has naturally impacted the tourism ratio in a positive way.

Domestic tourism to Bangladesh has witnessed a staggering growth owing to the active middle-class travelers that have kept the business in a good shape, even though there are ample chances to expand. Nature lovers visit this country to soak in the beauty of mango trees and the delectable platters made from jackfruit. In the recent times, there has been a foreign footfall too from places like the USA. So if you plan to travel from the USA to this country within your budget, all you need to do is opt-in for the discounted flights from USA to Bangladesh that are available online and say yes to a budget tour.

Tourism in Bangladesh today has picked up in a huge way! Their country has the best ancient monuments, picnic places, beaches, resorts, wildlife sanctuaries, tribal people and forests, which attracts several domestic and international travelers as well. That aside, if you are one who has a secret call for adventure, then you can opt-in for activities like sea bathing, water skiing, yachting, rowing, angling, hiking, river cruising and have a fun time, with your family and friends.  That aside, the country also welcomes travelers who have an affinity for nature, will attractions like the Chittagong Hill Tracts and other exotic hills and valleys that can be explored on the way.

The northern section of the country, which is inclusive of the Rajshahi Division, comprises of some of the best archaeological tourist sites. So if you happen to be a history buff, this is the region where should be concentrating on. Here you have impressive sites like Puthia, the temple city which is a huge historical site. There’s also the Mahasthangarh located in Bogra along Paharpur in Naogaon, which is the single biggest monastery in the city. You can also take a look at the Kantaji Temple, which is one of the most decorated terracotta Hindu temples in addition to the old landlord houses.

Now as you journey towards the Chittagong side, you will find yourself amidst nature. If the chaos and mundane life has got to you and you want to zone out and relax completely, this is the region you should be visiting spring and winter season is the best time to visit. Other than the Chittagong Hill Tracts you can also make it a point to make it to Cox’s Bazar, which is known as the biggest unbroken sandy beach around the globe.  You can visit during early morning or at the sunset time to watch the mesmerizing shades in the sky. Take a stroll along the beach and absorb in all the calm and serenity of the beach and relax.

On the south-west part of the country, there is the Khulna segment, where you have the popular Sunderbans, which is the biggest mangrove forest around the globe allowing you to have a glimpse of the spotted deer and also the royal Bengal tiger. In terms of history and architecture, you can also visit the sixty domed mosques located at the Bagerhat. Towards, the north-east of Bangladesh, there is Sylhet which is a lavish zone for tea plantations and scenic hillocks. You can also opt-in for the natural reserved forests to explore and keep an eye on the migratory birds, especially in the Haor regions.

Recently, the Civil Aviation Ministry and the Ministry of Tourism has been coming up with good policies for the growth and development of Bangladesh tourism. This ministry is also accountable for initiating and keeping up with the Beautiful Bangladesh Campaign.  The social scene has also improved. So you can also explore the best cafeterias in Dhaka. All you need now is to opt in for the cheap airline tickets, Bangladesh and say yes to your budget travel.