Sylhet Eco Tourism – Best Tourist Sites to Explore

Sylhet Eco Tourism – Best Tourist Sites to Explore

Sylhet in Bangladesh is one of the most scenic regions that are apt for ecotourism and nature retreats! Here you will find that the horizon is replete with the vibrant pineapple gardens, vast tea plantations and gardens of fragrant orange. Every year there are several tourists who visit this city to enjoy the nature scenes and sites and refresh their body and mind. So if you have been keen on Eco-Tourism in Bangladesh and are present in any international destination such as Canada, then you can start by opting in for the cheap flights from Canada to Sylhet from the online travel agencies and save more. If you’re a budget traveler, then this is a great way to travel affordably.

And when you are done with booking your flight tickets, you can decide on the nature spots that you want to explore. Given below are some of the best choices to opt in for.

The Madhabkunda Waterfall:

This waterfall is one of the most scenic in the entire country. Being a huge site the Madhabkunda waterfall attracts a huge number of footfalls on a regular and annual basis from the locals as well as the foreign tourists and travelers. This site can be reached both by train or road from Sylhet. The waterfall here falls from a height of 200 feet. And for those want to take in a break, can make the most of the Parjatan Motel that allows you to select from its tasty platter and comfortable accommodation. All you need to say yes to an adventurous journey and stay here is to get your booking done in advance for a bungalow if you want from the Moulovibazar Zilla Parishad Office.

Tea Plantation:

Tea plantations form a crucial part of Sylhet’s eco-tourism. It is said to produce more than 55 million kg of tea from over 150 tea estates that span across 40,000 hectares. In addition to that, you can also take a stroll in and around the tea estate and also roam through the bushes, interact with the tea-puckers and also get to know more about the unique aspects of tea plantation or tea in general.


Located very close to River Mari, Jaflong happens to be within the crest of the Khashia Hills. Mari River generates from the Himalayas and brings several stone boulders along with its water flow. You also have the chance to have a look at the stone collection from this river as well as opt-in for boating in this river too. The scenic beauty of this site is further enhanced by the hill range that is in the vicinity appearing completely green. The backdrop is worth photographing. In addition to all these, Jaflong also allows you to have a tryst with the tribal people and their lifestyles. In case you want to visit Jaflong, then it’s always better to start the early morning right from Sylhet so that you have the chance to return by evening. Other sites that you can visit close to Jaflong are Jaintapur, Sripur and Tamabi

Haors of Sunamgonj:

Simply put, a Haor denotes a low lying depression atop a floodplain. A part of this territory dries up at the time of the dry seasons. However, Haors also happens to be one of the primary features of Sylhet division and are majorly located in the Sunamganj district. Located in the Himalayan foothills, these huge wetlands is also called locally as “haors” where you can also have a glimpse of the large stock of migratory birds during the months of October and March, which are mostly termed as winter months in this region. The Sunamganj wetland region hasn’t been unexplored and also stays the same even today. Intertwining through the clear and shallow waters, here you can watch some of the exotic bird species. The entire site with its rich scene is a haven for the nature lovers. A huge variety of raptors, sand-pipers, rails, ducks and many others are visible on this site. So don’t forget your cameras as it’s a treat to watch.

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The Top Three Sites You Can’t-Miss in Sylhet

A popular metropolitan city mapped on the north-east side of Bangladesh, Sylhet is situated on the right bank of the Surma River. Its location makes the basins and hills in its vicinity, which makes the city rich in natural backdrops and scenes. It’s a treasure trove for nature lovers! Overall, the city has its monsoon climate at high altitudes. The rainy season from October to April is said to be hot and comes down with heavy showers as well as thunderstorms daily. However, if you decide to visit between February and November, you will enjoy a good weather. And for the budget travelers, you can always opt in for the cheap flights to Sylhet from the online travel agencies these days and save a good amount.

Culture and Tribes:

The culture of a city or country or region gives it its essence and temperament! When it comes to Sylhet, you will witness a unique culture with its love for prayers and henna art. That is not all. This city also has its tribe’s right in place which makes up for an interesting tour. Going by the latest records, of the 479,837 residents (approximately) there are over 80,000 residents that belong to multiple tribes such as the Khashis, Marmas and the Garos. There are many other aboriginal tribes as well that stay within their rules and this enables you to enjoy your cultural tourism in Sylhet as well.

Top 3 Tourist Sites to Explore:

There are many places to explore in Sylhet. However, these 3 scores the highest points. So here goes!

  • Sreemangal:

Sreemangal which is an Upazila of Moulovibazer is situated on the north-east Sylhet division and is also called Bangladesh’s Tea Capital. This place produces one of the best quality teas that also contribute to almost 3% of the world’s total tea production. This place also gains popularity in eco-tourism and is popular for its unexplored fauna and flora. When you are making your way to Sreemangal you will come across a huge sculpture that is named as the “Cha Konna” which means, the daughter of tea. This figure welcomes every traveler and tourist to this site. This is a massive sculpture of a girl picking tea leaf. When you are touring in and around Sreemangal you will get to experience the bounty of Mother Nature and also explore over 8 scenic tea gardens which are located right beside the Dhaka-Sylhet road.



  • Lawachara National Park:

Lawachara National Park this is one prominent national Park and a nature zone in the country! Situated in Kamalganj, Upazila, Maulvi Bazar District that is on the north-east side of the country, this park is at a position of 160km north-east of Dhaka and 60kms from Sylhet. And if you are heading here from Sreemangal you will just have to cross 8 kilometers.  This type enables you to have a look at several insects, small animals and multiple types of birds. The specialty of this forest is that it has many kinds of plants. Here you will come across over 159 plant species that spans across 123 genera. In addition to that, the rainforest is also a well-known destination for the hikers and the bird watchers.

Lawachara National Park


  • Ratargul Swamp Forest:

The Ratargul Swamp Forest can be best described as a freshwater forest that is situated at the Gowaingghat, Sylhet. This happens to be the only swamp forest that is located in this country and is one of the selected freshwater swamp forests around the globe! The forest is under the supervision of Department of Forestry, Govt. of Bangladesh. The scenic beauty of this forest has a lot to thank the rainy season, as this is what makes the forest bloom. Ratargul is situated at a distance of 26 km from Sylhet. There is also a wetland that spans across 30,325 acres in the Sylhet range that is under the onus of the forest department and in that wetland the Ratargul swamp forest spans across 504 acres. If you want to explore this region, the best time is the monsoon.

Ratargul Swamp Forest

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Best Sylhet Tourist Attractions at a Glance

Best Sylhet Tourist Attractions at a Glance

For the ones that have already explored, will ascertain that Bangladesh has its own tourist appeal! One of the best cities to explore in this country is Sylhet. Situated in the lavish Surma Valley, here you will come across the popular Sylhet Tea Gardens. However, that’s not all that is there to this city. If you are a nature lover, then this city would do complete justice for your affinity to nature spots and greenery around.

On one hand, as you have the rolling landscapes, the terraced tea gardens and the varied flora and fauna that set a backdrop of the scenic scenery, for the vast, thick tropical rainforests and on the other hand there is the city, amenities, and comforts that you can enjoy. In addition to that, in this city, you will also come across a wide number of natural lakes, rivers as well as the water bodies that offer a habitat for several migratory birds. This city will always be a land that will enable you to make some of the best memories.

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Here are some of the best sites that you can explore in Sylhet!

  • Jaflong: This place happens to be one scenic place that is covered by the hills and the tea gardens and is situated at a distance of 60kms from the city of Sylhet. You can reach this place easily by taking a local bus and alternatively, also opt-in for a private car.  This place happens to be a border region between Bangladesh and Meghalaya, the Indian state. In terms of the height, it is much below the mountain range. There are several tourist attractions here that comprise of names such as the Mountain Streams, Rolling Stones, Tea Gardens, Khasia King’s Palace, Orange Groves, Betel Leaf & Areca But Gardens as well as the local market.
  • Jaintapur: Popular for its huge archaeological remnants and is only located at a distance of 5hm from Jaflong. This is a scenic place amidst the tea gardens. Back in history, this place was a capital city of the Jainta Kingdom back in the 18th century. This palace amidst the ruins is close to the local market that is visited by a huge number of tourists here.
  • Sripur: This is one of the best places for having a glimpse of the Gushing Sylhet Waterfalls located on the high hills. Amidst the other parts of this place, you will also come across a huge stone quarry where you can have a look at the waterfalls right across the border. This is located at a distance of 7 to 8 km from Jaflong.
  • The temple of Sri Chaittanyana Dev: This temple dates back 500 years back and is situated at a distance of 45 km from the southeast of the city. There is an annual fair that happens during the month of Falgun in Bangla on the full moon day.
  • Tilagarh EcoPark: Situated at a distance of 6kms from the city, this is one semi-evergreen and tropical evergreen bio-geographic zone that you can explore with your near and dear ones with all the time at hand.
  • Tamabil: This can be best defined as a border that crosses between Bangladesh and India, situated at a distance of 55kms on the north of Sylhet. This region at times tends to messy however this is considered as one of the prominent tourist sites in Sylhet.
  • Tribal Village: Atop the hillside in Sylhet, you will come across many of the aboriginal tribes that till conduct the ancient customs, rituals and observe age-old traditions. With having the required permission you can visit this village, especially during the festival time period. Here you will come across the popular Manipuri Tribe which is popular for its traditional wears, dancing, singing as well as the Khasia Tribe popular for the betel leaves cultivation process that they highlight.

Therefore, all you need to do now is book your cheap flights to Sylhet from and explore the city and its popular city attractions and have a memorable stay!

Five Top Tourist Sites to Explore in Sylhet

Five Top Tourist Sites to Explore in Sylhet

Diverse and scenic, Sylhet has its traveler’s base and that is increasing with every passing day! This city in Bangladesh has something for everyone to explore and like. Known as the affluent city in Bangladesh, this city welcomes you with its serene sceneries and several natural wonders in terms of waterfalls and other sites as well. So if you always wanted to be here and explore the city, here are the best five tourist sites that you must add in your “places to visit in Sylhet” list and explore the same without fail.

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So now back to the sightseeing! Here are the best five sites that you can explore in this city.



Hum Hum Waterfall:

If you are a nature lover, you shouldn’t miss out on this! Rather it’s a good idea to start your exploration from this site itself. The waterfall has a height of 160 feet and also happens to be the tallest waterfall in the entire country. Discovered back in 2010 this waterfall is situated within the Razkandi Reserve Forest and you will need to trek for about 3 to 4 hours through the hills to reach this site. The rainy season, therefore, isn’t the best place to be there. Though the journey might take some time, it is worth every bit of your effort.



The Shrine of Hazrat Shah Jalal:

A crucial pilgrimage site in entire Bangladesh, this is the shrine of the famous Sufi Saint Hazrat Shah Jalal and dates back to 14th century. Hailing from Delhi initially, this saint had dedicated all his life to spreading Islam all across this region. He was also popular for defeating the well-known Hindu King named Gour Gobinda. Here in the mosque the robes and the sword of the saint have been well-preserved and are kept for public display. As you step in here you would have to remove all your shoes prior to walking into the mosque. On a daily basis, this site attracts several visitors that are both the locals as well as the tourists.



Tea Gardens and Bangladesh Tea Research Institute:

It is a known fact that Bangladesh lists as one of the leading tea exporters around the globe, with the center of attraction being Srimangal. The tea gardens in this country with its lavish acres are what have made it earn the title of “the land of two leaves and a bud”. So when you are on your vacation, one of the must-visit sites is the Bangladesh Tea Research Institute. Post the Indian partition back in 1947, the region witnessed itself to be detached from having admission to agricultural technology. Hence, this site got created as Pakistan Tea research station back in 1952. Post the liberation, this site received its present name. As you visit this site, you will get to see the way the researchers work to ensure that the crops are as excellent as they can be.


Maha Rash Leela

The Manipuri ‘Maha Rash Leela’ Festival:

The Maha Rash Leela’ Festival is one of its kind experience that you get to experience on your vacation. This popular festival occurs in Madhabpur Juramandhab, Komolgonj of Moulvibazar district annually since 1842, serenading the divine love between Krishna and Radha. Here you get to see Manipuri girls dressed in vibrant attires and participate in the dance rituals that are known as Rakhal Nritya that is known as the dance of Sri Krishna. The festival comprises of a Mela too, where you will find the Manipuri people selling many toys and other attractive handicrafts.


Lawacherra Rain Forest

The Lawacherra Rain Forest:

Spanning across 12.5 square km, the Lawacherra Rain Forest is located in Kamalgonj Upazila of Maulavibazar District. A popular tourist site, this place is a natural habitat for a wide variety of insects and animals. Furthermore, this forest is one such rare site where you will come across the Hoolock Gibbons, which is one of the rare primates. If you love bird watching, then this site will interest you as it’s also known as one of the world’s biggest bird sanctuary.

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Top 5 Sylhet Attractions to Explore

Top 5 Sylhet Attractions to Explore

Residing amidst the Khasi and Jaintia hill range right across the north and the Tripura Mountains in the south, you will come across Greater Sylhet that is a valley which is washed by rivers flowing from the mountain ranges and have also been the popular for its varied landscapes and unique cultural features, right from ancient times. Other than being the place of birth for Lord Sri Chaitanya, one of the popular Hindu avatars, the land of Sylhet is also identified as one of the important key areas for preaching Islam in the Indian subcontinent. This was mainly because of the efforts made by Hazrat Shah Jalal along with his 360 reverent companions. Regardless of having a Bengali majority, Sylhet’s culture boasts of indigenous communities such as the Hajong, Tripuras, Monipuris, Khasis and the Garos.

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Out of the many, the top 5 tourist sites to explore include the following:

1. Lovachora:

This is the bordering region right from the Kanaighat Upazila in East Sylhet district that is secured right from the north east towards the north-wear by Meghalaya ranges. This can be best described as a quarry where boulders and stones get mined along with an ancient tea garden.  To be there at Lovachora you need to undertake a boat journey right from Kaniaghat Sodor. When the boat goes east, you can experience the intersection of three rivers. Flowing right from south and north, there are the Borak and Lova that meets at a point, take the name Surma and then flows to the Sylhet city to the west.

2. Lalakhal:

Yet another tourist site to be missed at Jaintapur Upazila, the Lalakhal consists of natural forests, hills, rivers flowing under the Jaintia Hills comprising of certain sections of the Indian Meghalaya Ranges and the tea gardens. Flowing right from the Indian section, there is the river Myntdu that makes its entry in Lalakhal as Sari and then merges with the Guaiyan River after it passes the Sarighat. At a stretch of close to 12km right from Lalakhal to Sarighat, you will find the shade of the water to be transparent green in winter owing to the minerals that float to the water in the sandy river bed.

3. Ratargul:

Best described as the only freshwater swamp forest, Ratargul despite its existing across a wide area of the swampland, till date takes up an area of about 2 km! This is one dense forest that includes native and koroch and the hijol trees. It is also the home ground for multiple species of monkeys, birds, reptiles, and snakes.

4. Panthumai:

A village located at the West Jaflong Union under the Guainghat Upazila, Panthumai is yet another popular tourist site and is located very close to the eastern Khasia Hill of the Meghalaya ranges, which boasts of the popular Borhill Fall. The original fall is situated in the Indian region; however, tourists are able to have a glimpse of this massive fall.  Flowing from this fall there is a Piyain River branch that flows to the west and then goes over to Bisnakandi, which too is a tourist site to explore.

5. Jaflong:

A popular tourist, Jaflong flows from North Khasi hills and the river Dauki enters Bangladesh under the name of “Piyain”, alongside the bank of which is located this scenic attraction. Located at a distance of 62 km on north-east of Sylhet, Jaflong is in the East Jaflong Union that comes under Guainghat Upazila. The travelers are able to hire the boats that go to Zero Point and have a look at the scenic hanging bridge atop Dauki. Across the river, on the west, you will also come across the Sangrampunji and Nakshiapunji villages that can be accessed from rented boats or ferries. There is also the Jaflong Tea Garden close to Nakshiapunji which is a popular tourist site.

So all you have to do is book your cheap flights to Sylhet from and get all set for your journey to Sylhet.

A Quick Sight-Seeing Guide for Sylhet

A Quick Sight-Seeing Guide for Sylhet

Bangladesh is a real treat for the eyes and your traveling heart if you know what to explore! The vast stretches of greenery will entice you, making you wish that you stay a little more.

However, in Bangladesh Sylhet is one city that earns a meteor chunk of appreciation for its lavish green tea gardens, huge paddy fields, and the dense forests. That aside, there are many other tourist attractions as well. But the greenery in Sylhet is something to watch out for. So if you want to make the most of your budget and visit this city in Bangladesh, then you can opt in for cheap flights to Sylhet that will enable you to save a good amount of money for your other trips as well.

So thinking what should be your Sylhet sightseeing list comprise of? You can make your own and keep adding the sites as you want. However, here is a couple of sites that you can explore.

  • Tamabil-Jaflong : Located amidst the vast scenic lands, Tamabil is one border outpost that is on the Sylhet-Shilong Road for about 55 km away from the towns of Sylhet. Other than scenic views of the region you can also have a glimpse at the waterfall right across the Tamabil border. Another scenic site here is Jaflong which is situated amidst the tea gardens and get to see the beauty of the rolling stones from the mountains. This is situated at the India-Bangladesh border.
  • Greeva Peet : This is also known as the Mahalakshmi peet and is located at the South of Sylhet at a distance of 4 Km from Joinpur. Going by the ancient tradition, each and every shakti peeth will have a bhairav temple and in case of this shakti peeth, the Bhairav Temple is situated at a distance of 1km away from this peeth. This is one of the popular spiritual sites to visit and explore in Sylhet.
  • Kalibari at Jaflong : This Kalibari, which is a temple of Goddess Kali is one of the 51 Shakti peeths that is located close to Jaflong.
  • The Nazimgarh Resorts :  This lavish resort can house affluent guests and tourists who keep on visiting Sylhet. The resort has got a beautiful outdoor swimming pool, luxurious hotel suites, accessible Wi-Fi internet and panoramic view of the jungles in this part of the city.
  • Lawacherra Rain Forest :  The Lawacherra Rain Forest is said to be one of the popular and very well maintained forests in the country. As you visit this forest you may come across gibbons that swim across the trees along with several birds like bee-eater owls parrot. This forest is the perfect place to find leopards, squirrels, deer, wild chicken and the much talked about python. The vegetation is very thick and the terrain slightly mountainous. There is one Chloroform tree that belongs to Asia.
  • Tilagor : This place happens to be a tourist spot that has big and small hills and adds to the scenic view of the place. In addition to that, you will also find poultry farms, dairy farms, and the houses that have been built on the hills that are cut. You will also come across a tea garden here.
  • Madhabkunda : Yet another popular site to explore, the Madhabkunda is encompassed by the lavish tea estates along with being replete with unique water lilies. Here you will also come across the Magurchara ruined gas & Oil reserved field that got blown up in the past, almost three years back when the digging was happening and kept burning at a height of 500 feet for over 3 months. Here you will come across a couple of burnt trees that shows signs of this devastation. That aside, there’s lemon and rubber plantation is also there in this scenic landscape. The Madhobkundo waterfall is yet another attraction here.

Other popular sites that you can have a look in this city includes sites like shrines of Hazrat Shah Jalal Yamani and Hazrat Shah Farhan, Ali Amjad’s Clock Tower, Osmani Medical College and Hospital, Shah Jalal Bridge, Sylhet Polytechnic Institute, Osmani Museum, Parjatan, Shah Jalal University, Chandni Ghat, Shahi Eidgah and many more. The city also has some of the best theme parks. So quickly get your cheap flights to Sylhet and make the most of your travel plans!