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Explore the Best Sites of Bangladesh

If you have fixated on exploring Bangladesh, then you are in for a scenic retreat in terms of nature and its bounty! Layered in lavish greenery this land also welcomes you with its undulating hills. Echoing both Muslim prayers and Buddhist chants, Bangladesh happens to be one of the most charming lands in Asia. Being one of the picturesque neighbors that India has, travelers and tourists find Bangladesh to be less developed with an overall ambiance which is laid back, that allows you ample time to explore the land.

In addition to that, the country has had a rather conflicting past when it witnessed the war for freedom for the very first time with the British Empire and post that from the Pakistani rule. Once you conjecture that all these happened back in the 20th century, this just goes on to highlight that the country has seen turbulent times and has done all good for itself. The natural outcome of this is that the country provides its travelers and tourists an authentic slice of life that is enchanting to explore.

Visiting Bangladesh is easy and thanks to the unending online flight booking scopes, cheap as well. So if you would want to spend within a limited budget, you can opt-in for the cheap flights to Bangladesh from and save a huge amount. Concerning the sites to explore, don’t miss out on the following five top tourist attractions.

1. Dhaka –

The capital city and it deserves all your attention! If it’s the first time that you are visiting this land, you will be here for a grand view and vacation. In case you feel like visiting Old Dhaka and opt-in for a hotel accommodation, don’t expect access luxury but you will find decent choices to have a comfortable stay. In addition to that, once here you can explore places like Para Bibi’s Tomb, Ahsan Manzil, the Lalbagh Fort or even head to the Buriganga River and also rent out a very small boat to witness the lively nature of this city right from the waterfront region. Remember to download plenty of videos if you are traveling with young children for the flight here. There are plenty of toys related videos on youtube that will keep their minds occupied.

2. The Sundarbans –

Situated very close to Khulna, the Sundarbans region is synonymous with safari times! This is a popular mangrove forest that comprises of more than 400 Royal Bengal Tigers. You will have to shell out some money but that isn’t much of an expense. In addition to that, this mangrove forest is also home to a huge flora and fauna that will keep you busy. Photography is a good option here.

3. The Bagerhat –

This site is accessible from Mongla and Khulna and it provides some of the scenic Mosques. Simultaneously, you can also check out the popular Khan Jahan Ali tomb. You will find many pilgrimages here who visit this site despite the city chaos.

4. The Cox’s Bazar –

This is one must-watch destination! Known to be the longest sea beach in this world, this site is approximately 120km long and hence the scenic view is unmatched. If you are into photography, then this is one of the best places where you can romance with your lenses. This stretch of land provides you a serene respite from the chaos of the country and here you will come across many religious sites as well. The sandy beaches here also get much crowded and there are many accommodations that are found here. Don’t miss out on this site on your Bangladesh visit.

5. The Nafa-Khum –

This place can be called one wild card if you have it in you to explore the off-track parts of a country. Simply put, this is a scenic waterfall that is located at a distance of 3kms walk from the Remakri that too can be found at a distance of 3 hours by boat from Tindu that is a drive of 3 hours from Thanchi. This might not be the biggest waterfall but it is nonetheless one of the most beautiful sites to explore, more so if you are a nature lover.

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