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An expansive town and also the biggest international seaport in the country, Chittagong is one of the popular tourist attractions. Walk through the lanes of this city and you will find several rickshaws in the streets. That aside, this city takes initiatives to keep its roads and the sidewalks clean and well arranged. Visitors and foreigners to this city will come across the street beggars at certain crossings, such as the Central Railway Station or the New Market Circle. The vast majority of these beggars though belong to other regions such as the Greater Noakhali and the Greater Mymensingh Region. However, this is one aspect of the city that doesn’t fade away the tourist charm in any way.

The city’s most busy part is mainly the region close to the train station as well as the Station Road! On the other hand, the things get slightly less busy when you move to the northern side, things start getting way easier in terms of the busy city ambiance. The GEC Circle happens to the intersection of the Zakir Hossain Road, CDA Avenue and the O.R. Nizam Road as well as which is located towards 3 kilometers north of the train station and happens to the zone of middle and upper-class lifestyle along with a mix of affordable shopping joints and restaurants.

Traveling to Chittagong by Air:

It is the Shah Amanat International Airport that is the global airport of the city. It happens to be the 2nd busiest city in entire Bangladesh. Located at Patenga, this city provides global services to several destinations like Kolkata, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Jeddah, Muscat, Sharjah and much more. Earlier known as the MA Hannan International Airport it was renamed back on April 2nd, 2005 by the Government of Bangladesh. Some of the prominent airlines that service this airport comprises of GMG Airlines, United Airways, Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Air Arabia, Regent Airways, Flydubai and Oman Air. So if you want to purchase cheap flights to Chittagong you can get the same from at an affordable price.

Popular Tourist Sites to Explore:

  • Patenga Beach:

    This sandy beach happens to me the point of intersection of a vast sea and the Karnaphuli River. This place appears to be scenic right from the Naval Academy Road that is located right next to the Shah Amanat International Airport.

  • The Shrine of Baizid Bostami:

    This reverent shrine is a place that is visited by several tourists as well as the pilgrims. Right at the base, you will come across a huge pond that has many tortoises floating on the water. Based on the traditions, it was said that these tortoises were the descendants of the evil spirits that got cast into this shape as the invoked the wrath of a prominent saint that visited this place almost 1100 years back.

  • Foy’s Lake:

    Located amongst the panoramic surroundings, this is a great place if you have an outdoor stroll or a picnic in mind and it also is the place that attracts many visitors. This lake has been developed owing to the natural environment back in 1924 by the initiative of Assam-Bengal Railway. In addition to that, this lake has also been developed by establishing a dam depending on a plan that was done by Mr.Foy, who is an English engineer. Today, there’s also an amusement park that is developed here. There is also a zoo located close by.

  • The Ethnological Museum:

    Over here you will come across a blend of tribal artifacts. This museum got created in the first section of the 1960’s. Here you will find four galleries along with a very small hall that happens to be slightly dark. There are few sections that mimic the life of the village of multiple tribal areas along with the life-size dolls. This is equivalent to the museum that is there in the film “Planet of the Apes”.

  • The ship breaking yards:

    This is very close to the Indian Ocean and is also the city’s global claim to fame. Though the travelers are not always to have access to this, sometimes you can convince the gate-keeper to get the best pictures of huge ships that were dismantled for steel and parts.

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