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Top Tourist Sites to Explore in Dhaka

If you have a traveler’s pulse, Dhaka will charm you with its rich cultural traditions and its vibrant history! It is the capital of Bangladesh and is often termed as the “City of Mosques”. Travelers from around the globe have visited this city and today this city occupies about 15 million people. The 700 mosques and ancient building here reflect the dominance of the Muslim race all across the city.

Located at the territorial center of this country, Dhaka is one huge deltaic region of Brahmaputra River and the Ganges. The city falls under the monsoon climate and also happens to be one of the leading rice and jute growing regions. The economy of the city is predominantly ruled by the muslin, jute textile as well as the cotton industries. Other prominent industries comprise of rice milling and food processing as well.

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Tourist Sites to Explore

  • Shahbag, Dhaka:

This is said to be one of the liveliest localities of Dhaka and is situated alongside the city’s border of the Old and New Town. Furthermore, Shahbag earns the reputation of being a major part of this city since the 17th century. In the recent times, this vibrant neighborhood was a melting pot of several cultures, lifestyles and many other influences. Here you will come across many ancient buildings that are nestled between the new age skyscrapers, the traditional bazaars that are located close to the bust market streets as well as the central cultural landmarks that are located close to the new age restaurants and shops. Other than being a popular tourist, this place is also one home to Dhaka’s public institutions and is also the city’s transportation center.

  • The Rose Garden Palace, Dhaka:

Being one of the most iconic buildings in Dhaka, the Rose Garden Palace was established back in 19th century and this great building holds a prominent space in the history of this city as one of the popular political sites. It is also one of the most celebrated architectural finesse of Dhaka. Quiet contrary to its name, the Rose Garden Palace is actually a private residence that has been established in order to host parties and several other live entertainments by Hrikesh Das, who was a popular Hindu zamindar. Over time this place had changed its ownership many times and to date, the building with is classy marble statues, Corinthian columns and the stunning white facade is one of the architectural wonders of Dhaka. And the garden outside is well arranged with lavish trees, beautiful flowers and a huge pond that adds to the palace’s appeal.

  • Nandan Park:

If you want to break free from the ordinary run of life and seek some excitement and fun, you should simply head to Nandan Park! This park comes with two different zones, i.e. the water park as well as the dry park. Simply put, the Water World provides a pleasant respite from the day heat and enables you to splash on any one of the eight best attractions. You can opt-in to speed up the Wave Runner water slide and also swim in the Wave Pool. Alternatively, you can also opt in for a ride on Ladies & Gents Curve Slides. There are also many other attractions such as the MultiPlay Zone, Kids Pool, Waterfall & Mist and the Rain Dance. On the other hand, if you are at the dry park then you can also have access to a wide mix of amusements, games and rides. There are the Caterpillar rides, Ice World and also the 5D cinema and the bumper cars.

  • Gulshan, Dhaka:

If you want to experience the most thriving center of entertainment in the city, then be there at Gulshan. This place is home to a wide range of high-end shopping centers, great restaurants and also has other nightlife options. This region is also dotted with the skyscrapers.

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