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The most affluent city of Sylhet Division, Sylhet is also the capital city in Bangladesh recording a population that surpasses 500,000 residents. Comfortably nestled in the scenic Surma Valley, within the picturesque tea plantations as well as lavish green tropical forests, Sylhet is a major tourist attraction for travelers who visit Bangladesh.

Sylhet came into existence because of the remittances owing to the expatriates residing in American and Britain. Located between Jaintia and Khasia Hills towards its north and Tripura Hills towards the south, the flat land of this city is inundated with several rolling countryside views, scenic tea gardens, exotic flora and fauna as well. The dense tropical forests carry several wildlife species with diverse aroma and it is also the place where you will find the Monipuri Tribal maidens with their dance movements.

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You can visit this city via plane. Osmani International Airport provides all prominent domestic carriers, such as Regent Airways, United Airlines and Biman Air. If you decide to travel by flight you can check out the airline schedules. And if you are a budget travelers looking for the best deals on cheap flights to Sylhet, you can select your flights from as this website is known for pocket-friendly flight offers.

Once you reach this city, you can start by exploring Jaflong which is located at a distance of 60km from Sylhet. This is an attractive site to explore that is close to the orange and tea garden. Situated beside the Mari River this site is also very close to the Khasia Hill, that is its scenic beauty. The Mari River originated from Himalaya and brings the stone along with its tide from the Himalayas itself and you can collect as you visit here. Also, don’t miss out on the glimpse of the Duke Bridge in India.

From here you can make it to the Keane Bridge which is one of the top tourist attractions of Sylhet. Located on Surma River this bridge is also called the door of Sylhet. Constructed using iron the bridge dates back to 1936 and takes its name from Michael Keane, who was the British Governor of Assam.

Nature lovers can saunter around the Lawachara National Park that is a part of West Bhanugacha reserve forest. This park came into existence in 1996 and occupies a total territorial area of 2740 hectares. Travelers and tourists take time to gradually explore the small streams, forest wetlands as well as the hilly sandstone. Visiting this park from Shreemangal and Kamalgonj is rather easy. From Sreemangal you will take very less time, as the distance is only 8 kilometers.

Of the natural sites in Sylhet, one of the prominent names is the Madhabpur Lake, that is situated close to the Madhabpur tea garden in Kamalgonj Upozila of Moulvibazar district. If you are traveling from Vanugachh then you will have to cover a distance of 8 km. Furthermore, Vanugachh has located only 13 km away from Shreemangal. Hence, if you are at Shreemangal it’s a smart call to visit this site as well. During winter time this is the most scenic tourist spot owing to the cluster of migratory birds that visit here creating a beautiful nature scene and ambiance.

And if you truly want to revel in the natural beauty of this city, don’t miss out on Srimangal. This place is known for its excellent weather and is also termed as the tea capital of Bangladesh. The scenic sloped hills displaying the tea gardens are the sight to watch out for. Nearby you will come across the Khasia and Monipuri tribal village which has its own charm. Srimangal is Upazila of Maulvibazar district that allows you to zone out from the chaos and enjoy the natural beauty.

Last but not the least, don’t miss out on the Madhabkunda waterfall which is the biggest waterfall the country has and is located in of Maulvibazar district. The waterfalls generate from the high mountain peaks and it is situated at a distance of only 5 km from Kanthaltali of Borolekha Upazila. With extensive developments in transport today you can visit the scenic Madhabkunda waterfall by rail and road both.

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