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Bangladesh – A Land of Culture, Creativity and Ancient Sites

If you are a traveler who seeks history, natural beauty, the simplicity of life, rich culture and a serene beach ambiance all at one go, then you need to visit Bangladesh! The option might appear to be a rather unusual one, for such a tall standing order of scenic features, but indeed the country of Bangladesh has of this and much more to offer you. Here you can walk idly at the longest beach around the globe at Cox’s Bazaar, spend some alone time with yourself and even revel in the glory of the biggest mangrove forest. In addition to that, there are the lavish tea estates to win your heart. Even if you are visiting Dhaka, you should take out some time to be able to explore Bangladesh. And if you want to travel within your budget, then you can opt-in for the cheap flights to Dhaka from online sources like and save huge!

Start with the Ahsan Manzil:

History is always a good starting point to explore any city or country! The same applies for Bangladesh and so here you can start with the Ahsan Manzil, which is the formal abode of the prestigious Nawab family, that impresses travelers with its classy red structure that was created in between the mid and the end of 1800’s. This excellent ancient palace got dilapidated post one tornado back in 1888. It was Khwaja Abdul Gani and his son who had worked endlessly to recreate this palace that was damaged. However, today it functions as one of the national museum and records increased footfall of the locals as well as the travelers.

Visit the Dhakeswari Temple:

This noble Hindu temple is called the National Temple of the country. Dating back to the 12th century, when it got created by the Sena Dynasty king, the red and cream colored stupas are the city’s icons. Going by the story narrated and believed by the locals, the wife of the ancient king Bijoy Sen used to bathe in the Langolbond waters and this temple was established as a sign of homage after her son was born. The unique aspect of this temple is that it is created in a rather ancient design and there’s another temple that has a more contemporary design. The architecture is noteworthy and if you are carrying your lenses you can capture the same on your lens.

Spend some relaxing time at the Patenga Beach:

If you are visiting this beach as a point of exploration and to relax, then it’s good! Else it’s not the place where you can take a swim. There are huge cement blocks and concrete walls that have been put alongside the shoreline in order to avert the erosion that makes these sandy beaches rather obsolete. The locals and travelers visit here for the excellent scenic views, you need to be there at the popular restaurants and also visit many merchants who sell local wares here. If you want to taste Bangladeshi street food within your budget, then there’s no better place than this one. Since this beach isn’t well suited for swimming the travelers and tourists visit this beach early evening and morning and enjoy the picturesque backdrop. There’s a very relaxed vibe here with the lavish palm trees that fringe the beach allowing you to bask in nature’s beauty in the best way possible. This is one of the best places for young and seasoned photographers as here you will get plenty of scenes that will make a scenic frame.

Explore Sardarghat:

Simply put, this is one thriving and vibrant river ports located centrally to Dhaka and are a popular tourist site both with the locals as well as the travelers. So once you are here you have the scope to walk into the port, where most people say you can photography several small and huge ships that make it to the waterways in the encompassing water areas.

Head to the Star Mosque:

Also called the Tara Masjid, this site is the seat of heavenly sights in Bangladesh. Created way back in 19th century, both the exterior and the interior of this structure has vibrant mosaics stars that justify is the name.

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