Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh

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If you are a traveler at heart and heard about the Cox’s Bazar, then it’s time that you plan a visit!

Most often known to be the longest beach around the globe, Cox’s Bazar is gradually becoming a popular tourist site in Asia. The site occupies a territorial expanse of 2491.86 square km and is bounded by the Chittagong District towards the north, the Bandarban District on the east, Bay of Bengal in the south and Bay of Bengal on the west. The major rivers here are the Kutubdia channel, Maheshkhali channel, Bakkhali, Naf River, Reju Khal and the Matamuhuri. The city region of Cox’s Bazar is approximately 6.85 square km, the town region being 6.85 square km and it happens to be bounded by Bakkhali River towards the north and the east. If you want to travel within your budget then you can book order prednisone cheap flights to Dhaka Bangladesh from USA by browsing through and save on your online flight booking. The Environment of Cox’s Bazar:

The principal attraction, this site is the longest and secluded beach in the world that expands right from the source of Bakkhali River and goes up to Teknaf. Usually called the Cox’s Bazar beach, it expands beyond the region that is called the Cox’s Bazar town. The beach setting comprises of the golden sand and the tropical hill woods. You will also come across the Buddhist temples, high cliffs, rare conch shells, scrumptious seafood, surfing waves and interesting tribes.

The Climate:

Bangladesh enjoys a rather tropical-monsoon climate and also has a rainy and hot summer instead of dry winter. Keeping in mind the excessive humidity, high temperature and heavy rainfall is said to be characteristics of this place.

buy aciphex online no prescription Laboni Beach:

This is the main beach of this site! Here you can enjoy the scenic views of Bay of Bengal and also have a look at the locals and foreigners who visit the place. This beach is a popular place to be at the time of the sunrise and sunsets, where people are able to witness as the sea changes its shade twice a day. Here you have the chance to swim, jog, cycle, surf and also sunbathe. This place is great for relaxation and swimming. Very close to the beach there are very small shops that sell interesting souvenirs, beauty products and the cigars that are locally made. In addition to that, you will also get many handmade clothes, shoes, bed sheets and many other popular local items.

Himchari National Park:

Located on the south of Cox’s Bazar town this park comprises of the lavish rain forests, trees, grasslands and also showcase a vast number of waterfalls and the biggest ones flow down to the sun-drenched and golden sandy beach. This park got created back in 1980 by Government of Bangladesh as a conservation region for education, research as well as recreation.


Located at a distance of 10km this is a village that comprises of a decent amount of Buddhist people and is popular for its homemade cigars and the local handicrafts. Here you will also come across the beautiful pagodas, khyangs, monasteries where you get to see Buddha images that are made of gold, bronze and many other metals as well as semi-precious stones. One of the most interesting temples here is located on Baghkhali river bank. This has some of the relics as well as Burmese handicrafts along with a huge bronze statue of Gautama Buddha that measures about 13 feet and that rests on the 6 feet high pedestal.

Bangabandhu Sheikh MujibSafari Park:

This is the very first Safari Park that Bangladesh has! The forest nature is tropical evergreen and is replete with the Telsur, Chapalish, Garjan, Boilam as well as other kinds of herbs, creepers and shrubs. This park happens to be an extension of the animal sanctuary that is situated alongside the Chittagong-Cox’s Bazar road. Here other animal attractions comprise of the Chitals, Bengal tigers, Bears, Crocodiles and many other kinds of birds and monkeys.

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