Chittagong is one of the popular seaports. The city also enjoys a strategic location that makes it sightseeing friendly. This city in Bangladesh is one of the most prominent regions in entire South Asia. From natural sites to city attractions, Chittagong has it all. Are you situated at Canada and making plans to visit this Bangladesh city sometime soon? If yes, then you can book your discounted  flights from Canada to Chittagong today online and make your sightseeing list.

Wondering what names to add in your Chittagong sightseeing list? Here are few names to count on.

1.Start your tour with the Banshkhali Sea Beach:

Start your sightseeing exploring a beach. A natural spot always rejuvenate. That’s the main purpose of a vacation though. Located at the southern side of the city, Banshkhali is circled with tea gardens, sandy sea beach, wildlife sanctuaries, cascading hills, eco-parks and many more. This sea beach isn’t the popular choice for many travelers. However, it’s worth visiting. Being less crowded you will get to soak in the serenity of the beach. The 35 km long beach is the best part of the beach. Take a walk along the waves and enjoy the serene scenery.

2. Don’t miss out on Foy’s Lake:

One of the popular names Chittagong swears by, the Foy’s Lake is a must visit. Here you’ll come across multiple theme parks that are popular for its scenic backdrop. This region is surrounded by hills, lavish green forests and a picturesque lake. The dense forests are at Pahartoli that spans across a region of approximately 320 acres. If you are a nature lover, you will love this site.

3. Explore the Parki Sea Beach:

Head to the Parki Sea Beach and you will love to witness the scenic sea beach and river simultaneously. Just glance at the silvery river and the endless greenery that encompasses the site. This beach is also popular for sea crabs. Walk along the sea-shore and you can have a look at it crawling or getting inside their sand holes. In addition to that, you can also check out the vast ships resting on the beach. There are many fishermen in the area too that call it a day, after their day’s catch. The beach has a calm and relaxing ambiance. Being naturally scenic, this beach will help you zone out from the chaotic city life. Photographers can also get active and capture some of the best frames here.

4. Be there at the ancient Alutila Cave Kagrachori:

Khagrachari is best described as a scenic district in Bangladesh! The Matiranga Upozilla in this region draws in tourists because of its natural greenery. The charming hills too add to the attraction. Then there’s the Alutila cave at the Alutila hill or the Arbari hill. It’s a must explore and enthralls the tourists and travelers with a captivating beauty of nature at the Matiranga, Khagrachari.

If you have a secret penchant for adventure and thrill, this site could very well be your sightseeing choice whilst in the city. The darkness and mystery are what draws in most people here. Being close to 100 meters long and having enough space to allow 4 people to move in freely, this ancient cave is the best place for tourists who are seeking a thrill. The best aspect of Alutila cave is its cold water that flows right at the bottom owing to a small waterfall located inside the cave. In addition to that, the other point of interest is the local people who sell handmade bamboo torch or mosal in front of the cave so that people can navigate through the cave.

5. Explore the Risang Waterfall:

The popular Risang Waterfall is close to a distance of three kilometers from the west of Alutila tourism center. It’s an excellent site you can explore in Chittagong city. When you make your way towards the north, you will be able to actually hear the waterfall sounds that will refresh your body and soul. There are two waterfalls to explore here. The roads here are created in a way that makes it possible for the travelers to march through the stairway and explore the site.

In addition to that, you must also explore the Chittagong Hill Tracts. Therefore, all you need to do now is opt-in for cheap flights to Chittagong, book your airfare and make the most of the popular sightseeing points in the city.