Bangladesh is known for its developing economic conditions and existing ancient sites. This country is popular for its vast archaeological sites that might interest the history buffs and photographers as well. So if you want to opt-in for a budget tour to the country, then you can select cheap airlines to Bangladesh from the best online travel websites.

Here are some of the popular sites you can explore:


This is one popular hilly region with a height of 15m and is located in Comilla district. Standing at a north to south territorial alignment, it has a stretch that expands more than 17km and also has an average breadth of 2.5km. At multiple junctions of the slope, there are several ancient ruins that include the Vihara and the Stupa. And in addition to this, there are a couple of ruins that are composed of fossilized wood. Here you will come across both Buddhist and Hindu sculptures, objects for daily use, metallic coins, potteries, metallic utensils, seals and ceilings, carved bricks, copper plates and many more.

The ground is stylistic which dates back to 7th and 13th century AD. According to the scholars, that here there are also the ancient remnants of the south-east Bengali capital named “Devaparvata”. It is located at a corner of the mountain range. In addition to that, there’s yet another capital named the “Jaykarmantavasaka” located at a close-by corner of the Mainamati-Lalmai Hill Range.  You can also find an archaeological museum here along with a resting house located in the Salvana village that comprises of the middlemost point of the Mainamati-Lalmai Hill Range.

The Kantajew Temple:

Even though the country has a huge population of Muslim residents, Bangladesh comes with its best Hindu Temples. If you are fond of temple architecture you can opt-in for this. One of the sites that you can visit here is the Kantajew Temple. Located at a distance of 19.32 kms towards the northern side of Dinajpur, this temple dates back to 1752. It was built by Maharaja Pran Nath and originally was a Navaratna Temple. Every part of this temple structure has been decorated in a lavish manner with multiple scenes the way it was demonstrated in the Hindu Great Epics. There are also structures of multiple Hindu divine figures, floral and geometric motifs and also carvings that depict the social life of that time. Travelers can start their journey by checking the monument in Dinajpur town or even at the Sayedpur Airport via car or any other motor vehicle.


Located in the village Mahasthan at the Bogra district, this vast site is representative of the remains of an old city that dates back to the 4th and 14th century. The site is almost oblong in shape and is surrounded by tall ramparts having a thick brick wall core at several places. Furthermore, its entrenched on every side that in a way secured the eastern side where there is the Karatoya River flowing back in history. Till date, this fort has the remains of the ancient stupas, temples, mosques, residential complexes and tombs that are randomly located.

In addition to that, there is a vast spread of moveable antiquities that also have coins, roulette ware, silver copper cast coins without any inscriptions, black and red ware, black slipped ware, terracotta plaques, several sculptures, daily use objects, semi-precious stones and many more. Here the site that grabs maximum attention is the Brahmi Inscriptional slab that dates back to the 3rd century BC. In and around the fort for almost 8kms other than the eastern suburb, there are several ancient mounds as well as reservoirs. There’s also a very small museum site and a serene rest-house close to the north-eastern side. There’s a team of a mission of French experts has been constantly working on this place for a long time. The attempt is to be able to decipher the history owing to an agreement with the Bangladesh Government.

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