The Royal Bengal Tigers

Get to see the Royal Bengal Tigers in Bangladesh

So you thought that the Royal Bengal Tigers is what you get to see in West Bengal, Sunderbans! If yes, then there’s a huge surprise for you. Not many travelers are aware of the fact that even in Bangladesh, you get to have a glimpse of the famous Royal Bengal Tigers that is located in Sunderbans National Park that you can visit on your vacation here.

It has been observed that in the recent times, when these tigers are gradually becoming extinct, there is a real need for the nature lovers as well as the environmentalists, to save as well as preserve this stunning creature. Being an attractive feline creature the Royal Bengal Tiger is a point of attraction for the nature photographers as well as the wildlife enthusiasts. If you are one and want to visit this country to experience the sight of these tigers within your budget, you can opt in for the cheap flights to Dhaka, Bangladesh from and make the most of your budget.

About the Royal Bengal Tigers:

Simply, Royal Bengal Tigers are said to be found in India, Myanmar, and Bangladesh and it is considered to be one of the most endangered species around the globe. Owing to the execution of the Project Tiger, a lot has been attained but still, there is a lot that needs to be developed. There are certain wildlife sanctuaries that provide shelter to this declining tiger clan and comprise of names like the Sariska wildlife reserve, Corbett wildlife sanctuary and also the Sunderbans National Park.

It is natural that most people are aware of the reducing tiger population in this country! In addition to that, the Royal Bengal Tiger is said to be abundant tiger species that has a population of 1,706 in India, about 200 in Bangladesh, 155 in Nepal and close to 67 to 81 in Bhutan. Bengal Tiger is the national animal of Bangladesh and is also considered to be India’s national symbol since 25th century BC.

Back in the year 2004, almost 200 Tigers were said to reside in the country and several of the tiger species resided in Sunderbans with just a handful count got spotted in the hilly regions of this land. It was in 1972 that Project Tiger program got established that had halted this increasing decline. It is rather said to get to know that the tiger population has reduced its count from 3,642 to 1400. Since that time, it is the Indian Government that has been taking great care to pause the decline of the natural habitat of this tiger.

The Habitat:

Royal Bengal Tigers in Bangladesh usually reside in the deciduous and mangrove forests, that gives way to the grasslands and the marshy swamps that are further great for these Tigers to stay hidden as they prey for their daily food. It is interesting to note that the Sunderbans National Park, Bangladesh has been accredited with the status of the world’s heritage site by UNESCO. These Bengal Tigers are said to be carnivores and they thrive on medium and small sized animals for their daily diet. They also thrive on saline water which is still a mystery for the environmentalists as they wonder how this feline creature adapts to this vast ecosystem.

Few other interesting facts about this tiger species include the following:

  • Since the Tigers usually hunt during dawn and dusk, it’s their stripes that enable them to stay hidden in the shadows of the tall grasses.
  • The male tiger usually travels alone and makes his boundaries with scratch marks and other droppings in order to warn the trespassers.
  • It is said that the white tigers usually have pigmented stripes along with blue eyes and they aren’t said to be the albinos.
  • It has been calculated that there are as less as 3,000 Bengal tigers that are left today in the wild forests.

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