Visit the Religious Power Spots in Bangladesh

Visit the Religious Power Spots in Bangladesh

There are several reasons why people travel. Some people travel to explore a new city or country to add to their travel bucket list. Maybe they love to explore different cultures or various cuisines. There’s a section of people who love to explore the best spiritual and religious places around. And one of the popular countries which are famous for spiritual and religious tours in Bangladesh. In a year, there are many tourists who travel from faraway lands to Bangladesh to explore its churches, temples, mosques and even the Buddhist sites. There’s plenty of spiritual tourism scope in this country for everyone.

A religious site or spot is usually called a “Shaktipeeth” is Hindi and both Bengali. And Bangladesh has several of it. So if you want to visit the country to explore these spiritual/religious power spots, then you can first and foremost get the order gabapentin online reddit cheap airlines to Bangladesh from the online travel agencies and save on your entire travel expenses.

Also, there’s a way in which you need to get this arranged. It’s always helpful if you opt-in for a group package tour. This way you can have a guided tour, which is safe and well organized. There’s plenty of travel groups that get the same arranged. Usually, this package tour is for 6 to 7 days. And these are some of the places that you get to cover. This is how a standard tour looks like. Day 1

After your arrival, you get to explore the Chattal Shaktipeeth and the Sravani Shaktipeeth of the Kumari Kunda, located at the Bara Kumira Ghat Ghar located in Chittagong.  Post this you get back to your hotel. Day 2

You arrive at the Sadarghat and get to cruise through some of the popular rivers in the country. On this day you have the chance to explore the Shugandha Shaktipeeth and also the Ugratara Temple.

Day 3

On this day you will be taken to Munshigal in Shyamnagar area. Here you will have the chance to explore the Jeshoreswari Shaktipeeth. By afternoon time you will depart and reach Rajshahi and you will stay the night there.

buy zantac ranitidine Day 4

You will start this tour early morning. And on this day you get to explore Puthia, which is known as the temple city of Bangladesh. Here you will be taken to Bhabanipur in the Sherpur region, where you will get to explore the Karota Shakti Peeth. And after you are done with the tour you can return to Dhaka and stay the night there.

Day 5

On this day you will take the 7:00 am train to Sylhet. As the day progresses and you are done with your lunch, you will go to Kanaighat located in Jantiapur. Here you will get the chance to explore the Jayantia Shaktipeeth. And once you are done you will get back to your hotel in Sylhet.

Day 6

You will get out early morning at 6:00 am and reach the Mahalaxmi Shaktipeeth, which is located close to the Sylhet region. This is your last day. And once you are done with this site, you will progress with your return arrangements back to your city or country.

How are religious/spiritual tours arranged?

Usually, there are several package options for this tour type. Some of the tours are even 11 to 15 days long. The destinations also increase with the duration of the tour.  Different travel groups come up with different itineraries. So the best way to select one is browsing the internet and comparing the options and tour packages. If you want to travel within your budget, you can select accordingly.

Also, it is essential that you do a basic research on the sites that you know would be explored whilst your tour. Though it’s true that you will have a tour guide to share vital details, but since you have to cover a count of tourist sites within a particular span of time, the tour guide will not be able to share all details. So when you do your own homework, you get to explore the sites better. That aside, don’t forget to opt in for the cheap flights to Bangladesh online. There are also many popular archaeological sites to explore in Bangladesh. You can explore those whilst your stay.

Budget accommodation to select in Chittagong

Budget accommodation to select in Chittagong

Most travelers today are looking for affordable tours. This helps them to save more and enjoy their tour and other activities related to it. Bangladesh, in the recent times, is being visited by several foreign travelers from all across the globe. One of the cities that have been gaining immense popularity is Chittagong. Other than its natural and scenic beauty this city also offers the best lifestyle conditions. And if you have been planning for a budget tour to this city, go ahead and select cheap flights to Chittagong and add to your savings.

One of the best ways to save on your travel expenses, other than selecting budget airfare is deciding to stay in a budget hotel. Have you been searching for budget accommodation options in Chittagong? If yes, then all you need to do is, opt-in for these pocket-friendly accommodations in Chittagong and add to your savings.

Orchid Business Hotel:

This is an impressive, new age business hotel that is located in rather a humble street which is at a distance of 12km from Shah Amanat International Airport. This hotel is also located at a distance of 8km from the much talked about Bayazid Bostami, which is established serenading the Persian ruler.

Here the rooms offer a comfortable stay. So as you walk into the brightly lit rooms there are safes and minibars. In addition to that, there are selected rooms that showcase the living spaces along with dining rooms. You will have access to room service round the clock.

You can have access to complimentary breakfast buffer. Other freebies sometimes include an airport shuffle. In terms of the hotel amenities, you have access to a modern tea cafe as well as a restaurant. There’s a gym and also a rooftop pool. The hotel also provides you with a business center, an on-call doctor and a backup generator.

The Peninsula Chittagong:

When you book much ahead of your travel dates, you have the chance of getting rooms at affordable rates. In addition to that this hotel also offers online coupon and promo codes that help you to save on your overall accommodation expenses.

This popular hotel is located at a distance of 3km from the Foy’s Lake Amusement Park. The rooms here are decorated in a tasteful manner. The floors are wooden with a flat-screen along with mini-fridges. It also has coffee making, tea and Wi-Fi options available. You have access to room service all round the clock.

You will also get to enjoy a free breakfast buffer menu. The hotel also allows you access to a sports lounge, a casual bar along with 3 restaurants and a 24/7 cafe. Here you can savour the platters from a Japanese/Korean eatery as well. Also, you can work out in the fitness room, relax at a Thai-style spa and also experience the outdoor pool and rooftop terrace.

Other than these two few other options in discounted hotels in Chittagong include names like:

  • Hotel Star Park
  • Hotel Diamond Park
  • Hotel City Inn
  • Hotel Favour Inn International
  • Ambassador Residency
  • White Inn

All these hotels more or less similar services, so be rest assured that you will have a comfortable stay! However, you need to make sure that you select the rooms in advance so that you don’t miss out on good offers. This is because, during a peak season, the hotels usually increase its price range than what it charges at an offseason.

That is not all! You also have many other options for discounted stay in Chittagong. Some of the most popular ones opted in by travelers include the paying guest accommodations, hostels and rented accommodations as well. These come easy on your pocket. You can search for the same online and you will have several options to compare the price and select from.

So if you belong to the USA and want a budget tour and stay at Chittagong, then you first need to book your discounted flights from USA to Chittagong and make the most of the same and add to the savings. Post that you can select your budget accommodation from the above-mentioned hotels. And when in this city, make sure you spend some time to explore the Chittagong hill tracts.

Traveling from Canada to Dhaka? Here are the best things to do whilst your stay

Traveling from Canada to Dhaka? Here are the best things to do whilst your stay

Bangladesh today is a point of tourist interest for many. There are people from India and other neighboring countries visiting this city frequently round the year. In the recent times, there has been a huge influx of travelers from Canada visiting Dhaka city, for a week, weekend and even a fortnight. There are plenty of scenic and tourist attractions that this city has for travelers to explore. The climate can be a tad bit of a problem, given the fact that travelers arriving from Canada will have to face the heat and humidity. This is a stark contrast to the cooler climate that Canada is known to have. However, if planned meticulously, one can avert the heat by traveling during the winter months.

Book your airfare early:

Just in case you have decided to fly down to Dhaka from Canada during the cooler months, you will have to book your airfare well ahead of time. This is because the cooler months are actually the peak season for Dhaka. So you might not get the best deals when you decide to book your airfare at the last moment. Hence, a smart call is to book your discounted flights from Canada to Dhaka much early and add to your savings.

Things to do in Dhaka:

After booking your discounted airfare in Dhaka, you can decide on all the things that you want to do whilst your stay. Here are a few ideas to add to your list.

 1.Check out the colonial architecture:

Dhaka isn’t about slums and dilapidated factories. The city has some of the best colonial architecture that you can explore. If you love to explore ancient sites and buildings that boast stunning architecture, Dhaka has plenty of it. For instance, take a look at the National Assembly Building. This building was designed by Louis Kahn, the popular American architect back in 1960’s. This building can be viewed at its best from Lake Road where you get a reflection of the site on the surrounding moat. Don’t miss out on this one.

 2.Enjoy the city markets:

Dhaka is all about its people and the life that you get to explore on the streets. One of the best ways to explore the city’s essence is by being able to explore the city markets. One of the best picks is the Kawran Bazaar. This is a popular wholesale market that has been in existence since the 17th century. From vegetables, fruit and fish to other things, the market provides you with all that you need. However, space is noisy and crowded as well. You can have a look at the massive cauliflowers being carried to the chicken that is being processed.  The local people are what add to the enigmatic charm of this place. On the sides of the market, you will come across the stalls that sell textiles and spices as well.  So take some time out and explore this market. You can also take as many pictures as you want.

 3.Make sure that you eat like a local in Dhaka:

When you are traveling food is an integral part. The food of a city lets you know about its people and their love they have to make platters. It also lets you know the popular edibles of the city. People in Bangladesh simply love dal. This is a simple lentil dish. And when it is prepared there are many other ingredients also used such as chilli, garlic and turmeric. Dal is served with almost every meal and it is always cooked in the most delicious manner. Usually, the platter includes dal, omelet, rice and mashed potatoes. In some platters, there’s bhetki, that is coral fish is also added. The city also offers seafood lovers several options. You can feast to the deliciously cooked tilapia and hilsa along with the parsha fish and prawns. These fishes are either eaten fried or completely cooked. In terms of eateries, the best place to go is Saltz Seafood Restaurant where you can eat the haji biriyani.

Today, young travelers visit Bangladesh more than ever today. However, if you are planning to visit Dhaka, book your cheap flights to Dhaka and indulge in the above-mentioned activities.

Are you visiting Dhaka from USA? Here’s what you must keep in mind!

Are you visiting Dhaka from USA? Here’s what you must keep in mind!

Traveling today has become a way of life! Travelers are on a spree to explore unknown countries and cities. And in the recent times, Bangladesh has gained importance as a travel destination. People from multiple parts of the country are all set to visit Bangladesh and explore its cities. In the recent times, many travelers settled in the USA have shown interest in visiting Bangladesh and explore the city of Dhaka. The journey will be for a long duration. So as you plan your tour here’s what you ought to keep in mind.

Stay on your budget:

If you are a budget traveler or you want to stick to a budget whilst traveling, then today you have options to plan your trip accordingly. There are many online travel agencies that enable you to select from their best flight deals. So you can simply browse through the discounted flights from USA to Dhaka from a specialized online travel agency and this will enable you to save more.

Carry your Visa:

You will need to have your tourist visa and an authentic passport. Keep it secure and ensure that you don’t lose it.

Be prepared to face the heat and humidity:

When you are traveling from the USA to Dhaka, the stark contrast that you will face the moment you land in the country is the climate. Bangladesh is known for its heat and humidity. So it’s always better to travel during the winter months. But that seems to be peak season and you might not get a good discount on flights or hotels. However, if you plan your trip a little ahead of the winter or in the slightly pleasant months between September and October, you will be able to escape the extreme scorching heat.

But just in case you have selected a summer month to visit and explore Bangladesh, carry light clothing. This will help you to travel light and be comfortable whilst the sightseeing.

Be aware of the vaccinations:

Traveling across borders means experiencing physical changes as well! And when it’s Bangladesh that you’re visiting from the USA, you will have to take a note into these aspects. So check out the vaccinations available for Hepatitis A fever and typhoid fever. Some doctors will also suggest getting the vaccination for Rabbies. But the best way to deal with this is to take a check of your health and understand the health issues that you normally witness when you’re traveling. Usually, travelers take vaccinations for Yellow fever in Bangladesh. But it entirely depends on your immune system. So take the guidance accordingly.

Get your travel permissions and one-day tour bookings done beforehand:

Dhaka is known for its ancient temples, churches and mosques. Some of these ancient monuments and constructions are old and probably are not in service. So for this, you might have to ask for permissions. And sometimes you need to visit few authorities or associations for the permissions. This might require time. So get these formalities done well ahead of time so that you don’t have to waste time seeking permission once you reach in Dhaka.

Be aware of currency restrictions:

If you are carrying a currency amount of USD 5000 and more, you have to declare that amount. In addition to that, you won’t be allowed to leave with an extra USD than what you have initially declared whilst you came to this country. Also, the Bangladeshi money goes above an amount of 5000 takas, and then also you won’t be allowed to move outside this country.

Few important road data to keep in mind:

  • It is important to know Bangladesh traffic goes towards the left. In the USA it is the opposite direction. So when you land in the city you might have some basic traffic adjustments to do.
  • Dhaka streets are mostly crowded and few streets are being mended presently. At the time of your sightseeing and visitations of the local markets, make sure that you walk carefully so that you don’t fall off.
  • Some drivers usually drive the road a bit aggressively. Usually, people maintain the traffic rules. But sometimes you need to be a little cautious.

Now that you are aware of these aspects, simply book cheap flights to Dhaka and explore its popular mosques and many other tourist attractions.

Flying down from Canada to Chittagong? Explore the Best Tourist Attractions in the City

Flying down from Canada to Chittagong? Explore the Best Tourist Attractions in the City

Chittagong is one of the popular seaports. The city also enjoys a strategic location that makes it sightseeing friendly. This city in Bangladesh is one of the most prominent regions in entire South Asia. From natural sites to city attractions, Chittagong has it all. Are you situated at Canada and making plans to visit this Bangladesh city sometime soon? If yes, then you can book your discounted flights from Canada to Chittagong today online and make your sightseeing list.

Wondering what names to add in your Chittagong sightseeing list? Here are few names to count on.

1.Start your tour with the Banshkhali Sea Beach:

Start your sightseeing exploring a beach. A natural spot always rejuvenate. That’s the main purpose of a vacation though. Located at the southern side of the city, Banshkhali is circled with tea gardens, sandy sea beach, wildlife sanctuaries, cascading hills, eco-parks and many more. This sea beach isn’t the popular choice for many travelers. However, it’s worth visiting. Being less crowded you will get to soak in the serenity of the beach. The 35 km long beach is the best part of the beach. Take a walk along the waves and enjoy the serene scenery.

2. Don’t miss out on Foy’s Lake:

One of the popular names Chittagong swears by, the Foy’s Lake is a must visit. Here you’ll come across multiple theme parks that are popular for its scenic backdrop. This region is surrounded by hills, lavish green forests and a picturesque lake. The dense forests are at Pahartoli that spans across a region of approximately 320 acres. If you are a nature lover, you will love this site.

3. Explore the Parki Sea Beach:

Head to the Parki Sea Beach and you will love to witness the scenic sea beach and river simultaneously. Just glance at the silvery river and the endless greenery that encompasses the site. This beach is also popular for sea crabs. Walk along the sea-shore and you can have a look at it crawling or getting inside their sand holes. In addition to that, you can also check out the vast ships resting on the beach. There are many fishermen in the area too that call it a day, after their day’s catch. The beach has a calm and relaxing ambiance. Being naturally scenic, this beach will help you zone out from the chaotic city life. Photographers can also get active and capture some of the best frames here.

4. Be there at the ancient Alutila Cave Kagrachori:

Khagrachari is best described as a scenic district in Bangladesh! The Matiranga Upozilla in this region draws in tourists because of its natural greenery. The charming hills too add to the attraction. Then there’s the Alutila cave at the Alutila hill or the Arbari hill. It’s a must explore and enthralls the tourists and travelers with a captivating beauty of nature at the Matiranga, Khagrachari.

If you have a secret penchant for adventure and thrill, this site could very well be your sightseeing choice whilst in the city. The darkness and mystery are what draws in most people here. Being close to 100 meters long and having enough space to allow 4 people to move in freely, this ancient cave is the best place for tourists who are seeking a thrill. The best aspect of Alutila cave is its cold water that flows right at the bottom owing to a small waterfall located inside the cave. In addition to that, the other point of interest is the local people who sell handmade bamboo torch or mosal in front of the cave so that people can navigate through the cave.

5. Explore the Risang Waterfall:

The popular Risang Waterfall is close to a distance of three kilometers from the west of Alutila tourism center. It’s an excellent site you can explore in Chittagong city. When you make your way towards the north, you will be able to actually hear the waterfall sounds that will refresh your body and soul. There are two waterfalls to explore here. The roads here are created in a way that makes it possible for the travelers to march through the stairway and explore the site.

In addition to that, you must also explore the Chittagong Hill Tracts. Therefore, all you need to do now is opt-in for cheap flights to Chittagong, book your airfare and make the most of the popular sightseeing points in the city.