There are several reasons why people travel. Some people travel to explore a new city or country to add to their travel bucket list. Maybe they love to explore different cultures or various cuisines. There’s a section of people who love to explore the best spiritual and religious places around. And one of the popular countries which are famous for spiritual and religious tours in Bangladesh. In a year, there are many tourists who travel from faraway lands to Bangladesh to explore its churches, temples, mosques and even the Buddhist sites. There’s plenty of spiritual tourism scope in this country for everyone.

A religious site or spot is usually called a “Shaktipeeth” is Hindi and both Bengali. And Bangladesh has several of it. So if you want to visit the country to explore these spiritual/religious power spots, then you can first and foremost get the cheap airlines to Bangladesh from the online travel agencies and save on your entire travel expenses.

Also, there’s a way in which you need to get this arranged. It’s always helpful if you opt-in for a group package tour. This way you can have a guided tour, which is safe and well organized. There’s plenty of travel groups that get the same arranged. Usually, this package tour is for 6 to 7 days. And these are some of the places that you get to cover. This is how a standard tour looks like. Day 1

After your arrival, you get to explore the Chattal Shaktipeeth and the Sravani Shaktipeeth of the Kumari Kunda, located at the Bara Kumira Ghat Ghar located in Chittagong.  Post this you get back to your hotel. Day 2

You arrive at the Sadarghat and get to cruise through some of the popular rivers in the country. On this day you have the chance to explore the Shugandha Shaktipeeth and also the Ugratara Temple.

Day 3

On this day you will be taken to Munshigal in Shyamnagar area. Here you will have the chance to explore the Jeshoreswari Shaktipeeth. By afternoon time you will depart and reach Rajshahi and you will stay the night there.

Day 4

You will start this tour early morning. And on this day you get to explore Puthia, which is known as the temple city of Bangladesh. Here you will be taken to Bhabanipur in the Sherpur region, where you will get to explore the Karota Shakti Peeth. And after you are done with the tour you can return to Dhaka and stay the night there.

Day 5

On this day you will take the 7:00 am train to Sylhet. As the day progresses and you are done with your lunch, you will go to Kanaighat located in Jantiapur. Here you will get the chance to explore the Jayantia Shaktipeeth. And once you are done you will get back to your hotel in Sylhet.

Day 6

You will get out early morning at 6:00 am and reach the Mahalaxmi Shaktipeeth, which is located close to the Sylhet region. This is your last day. And once you are done with this site, you will progress with your return arrangements back to your city or country.

How are religious/spiritual tours arranged?

Usually, there are several package options for this tour type. Some of the tours are even 11 to 15 days long. The destinations also increase with the duration of the tour.  Different travel groups come up with different itineraries. So the best way to select one is browsing the internet and comparing the options and tour packages. If you want to travel within your budget, you can select accordingly.

Also, it is essential that you do a basic research on the sites that you know would be explored whilst your tour. Though it’s true that you will have a tour guide to share vital details, but since you have to cover a count of tourist sites within a particular span of time, the tour guide will not be able to share all details. So when you do your own homework, you get to explore the sites better. That aside, don’t forget to opt in for the cheap flights to Bangladesh online. There are also many popular archaeological sites to explore in Bangladesh. You can explore those whilst your stay.