Traveling today has become a way of life! Travelers are on a spree to explore unknown countries and cities. And in the recent times, Bangladesh has gained importance as a travel destination. People from multiple parts of the country are all set to visit Bangladesh and explore its cities. In the recent times, many travelers settled in the USA have shown interest in visiting Bangladesh and explore the city of Dhaka. The journey will be for a long duration. So as you plan your tour here’s what you ought to keep in mind.

Stay on your budget:

If you are a budget traveler or you want to stick to a budget whilst traveling, then today you have options to plan your trip accordingly. There are many online travel agencies that enable you to select from their best flight deals. So you can simply browse through the discounted flights from USA to Dhaka from a specialized online travel agency and this will enable you to save more.

Carry your Visa:

You will need to have your tourist visa and an authentic passport. Keep it secure and ensure that you don’t lose it.

Be prepared to face the heat and humidity:

When you are traveling from the USA to Dhaka, the stark contrast that you will face the moment you land in the country is the climate. Bangladesh is known for its heat and humidity. So it’s always better to travel during the winter months. But that seems to be peak season and you might not get a good discount on flights or hotels. However, if you plan your trip a little ahead of the winter or in the slightly pleasant months between September and October, you will be able to escape the extreme scorching heat.

But just in case you have selected a summer month to visit and explore Bangladesh, carry light clothing. This will help you to travel light and be comfortable whilst the sightseeing.

Be aware of the vaccinations:

Traveling across borders means experiencing physical changes as well! And when it’s Bangladesh that you’re visiting from the USA, you will have to take a note into these aspects. So check out the vaccinations available for Hepatitis A fever and typhoid fever. Some doctors will also suggest getting the vaccination for Rabbies. But the best way to deal with this is to take a check of your health and understand the health issues that you normally witness when you’re traveling. Usually, travelers take vaccinations for Yellow fever in Bangladesh. But it entirely depends on your immune system. So take the guidance accordingly.

Get your travel permissions and one-day tour bookings done beforehand:

Dhaka is known for its ancient temples, churches and mosques. Some of these ancient monuments and constructions are old and probably are not in service. So for this, you might have to ask for permissions. And sometimes you need to visit few authorities or associations for the permissions. This might require time. So get these formalities done well ahead of time so that you don’t have to waste time seeking permission once you reach in Dhaka.

Be aware of currency restrictions:

If you are carrying a currency amount of USD 5000 and more, you have to declare that amount. In addition to that, you won’t be allowed to leave with an extra USD than what you have initially declared whilst you came to this country. Also, the Bangladeshi money goes above an amount of 5000 takas, and then also you won’t be allowed to move outside this country.

Few important road data to keep in mind:

  • It is important to know Bangladesh traffic goes towards the left. In the USA it is the opposite direction. So when you land in the city you might have some basic traffic adjustments to do.
  • Dhaka streets are mostly crowded and few streets are being mended presently. At the time of your sightseeing and visitations of the local markets, make sure that you walk carefully so that you don’t fall off.
  • Some drivers usually drive the road a bit aggressively. Usually, people maintain the traffic rules. But sometimes you need to be a little cautious.

Now that you are aware of these aspects, simply book cheap flights to Dhaka and explore its popular mosques and many other tourist attractions.