Travel has become a way of life today! It doesn’t just refresh the mind, but also adds a fresh perspective to mind.  And to travel within your budget you don’t need to burn all corners. There are budget choices available as well. Bangladesh is one of the most coveted travel destinations amidst the youth today.  There’s plenty to explore here, from the daily lifestyle of the people to the ancient sites as well as the local cuisines. And when it comes to spending within one’s budget, today young travelers have access to the cheap flights to Bangladesh from online travel agencies that enable them to spend wisely. Why is the youth fascinated by Bangladesh?

Situated towards the eastern side of the Indian sub-continent on the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh is a popular South Asian country that is known for its multiple waterways as well as the lavish greenery. The three rivers, namely Jamuna, Ganga and Meghna give rise to the fertile plains. For the ones who love to travel by boat, will find Bangladesh attractive as there is plenty of scope for that. Towards the southern coast, there is the popular Sunderbans, which is a vast mangrove forest that shares its area a bit with Eastern India and is also the home ground for the Royal Bengal Tiger.

source site Cities visited by young travelers the most:

One of the popular cities visited by the youth today in Dhaka! Being the capital city, Dhaka welcomes huge amount of foot-fall on an annual basis. And for people who wish to travel within their specified budget often select cheap flights to Dhaka online and make their tours. This city brings you the best of everything! From the traditional Dhakai Jamdani sarees to the popular Hindu temples and Muslim mosques, Dhaka is a complete delight to explore. Two other popular cities that the youth tend to explore include Sylhet and Chittagong as well.

Interesting cities in Bangladesh to explore:

If you are a young traveler and you want to explore the country and other cities than Dhaka, Sylhet and Chittagong, then you can explore the following on your vacation as well.

  • Mymensingh This is one ancient city that is located by the side of Brahmaputra River, which has immense political and cultural history that dates back to over 200 years. So if you are a history buff, exploring this city makes complete sense.
  • Rajsahi – This is known as the silk city. Needless to say, you will have local nuances to explore here.
  • Khulna – Situated on the Rupsha River, this is a popular shrimp. In addition to that, this place can be the starting point of your exploring the Sunderbans.
  • Barisal – This city is located towards the southern side of the country and is known for its paddy growing and several rivers. The best way to reach this city is by opting in for a relaxed and slow-paced boat ride on a Rocket Steamer.
  • Rangpur One of the most important cities located in the north-west that has extensive agricultural base along with opportunities for trade and commerce.
  • Jessore This can be best described as a bustling town district. It also is a very convenient travel point from or to Kolkata. This place is popular for its jaggery amidst all other things.
  • Comilla This is a city located towards the eastern side of Bangladesh, and is mostly along the Dhaka-Chittagong Highway. Popularly called the administrative centre of the Comilla District, this city has its intrinsic tourist value as well. This is also known as the second-biggest city in east Bangladesh and is also one of the oldest cities.

Bangladesh and its new age cafeterias:

The youth today is very fond of cafeterias and themed eateries. This is exactly where Bangladesh as a country has scored high by coming up with some of the best some of the best cafeterias, especially in Dhaka, which is the capital city. Other than the best variety of coffee and tea, you also get to savor other beverage forms and also several kinds of wraps and sandwiches.

There are several types of travel experiences to enjoy in Bangladesh. All you have to do is book your discounted airfare ticket and say yes to a soulful tour.